Cantoris LA brings Hildegard to life with ‘Ordo Virtutum’

St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles was the location chosen by Cantoris LA for a rare performance of Ordo Virtutum, a morality play written and composed by Hildegard von Bingen, circa 1151. Completed in 1925, the cathedral is one of the purest examples in the United States of the Romanesque architecture that was popular … Read more

Resurrection and rebirth

Vocal focus from CCMN* Southern CA Vocal Events Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights In one of their less-common jaunts north to Los Angeles, BACH COLLEGIUM OF SAN DIEGO returns to St. John’s Cathedral on Saturday for an even rarer presentation of ‘La Resurrezione’, Handel’s 1708 oratorio, with period instruments and vocal soloists ALIC TEYSSIER, RYLAND … Read more

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