Recap as of 6/26/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. About this week With news full of “coming soon” announcements and summer frolics, there’s certainly plenty to do, see and hear. The arts world also has a lot to say about change right now, with increasing diversity efforts and shifting attitudes… … Read more

Doing “less”

We speak of summer in the arts world as if it’s a period of hiatus, re-energizing, and downcycling. While all of that may be true in a sense, it’s also a time of ingenuity, rebirth and sometimes hectic scrambling to get ready for the next round. You may be part of an intensive training program. … Read more

Summer schedule

We’re looking forward to the summer months, when we scale back some of our activities and amp up others. So as of this week, we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly publication schedule for Next7, as follows. This normally weekly newsletter publishes on Thursday or early Friday morning, depending on the demands and activities of the … Read more

Recap as of 6/19/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. Why “Recap” is back Longtime readers know that we’ve played with various ways of sharing arts-related news with you, and with varying degrees of success. While we know very well that our Listers have plenty of access to the news that … Read more


The last couple of weeks have been full of drama, decisions, and a calendar packed with grand finales. (And I’m not just talking about Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maisel, Succession, and the like.) With so many presenters and ensembles wrapping up their season and graduations either done or looming, there’s a lot of au revoir in … Read more

Arts Summit could result in more county investment in the arts

The 2022 Arts and Health Week Summit. Photo by Taso Papadakis.

At this year’s “Arts and Health Week”, hosted by the LA County Dept of Arts & Culture, county supervisor Hilda J. Solis stumped for more arts in county services. Solis has long been an avid supporter of the arts, and ,the suggestion will take some time. But it’s always good to see more discussion of the essential nature of creative life… in the rest of life

Why we’re leaving Twitter

As I’m sure you’re all reading every word on this blog 😉, you may be aware of the concerns and frustration I’ve found as Twitter has devolved over the last year or so. The List has made friends, gleaned news, cheered for projects and built relationships there, and benefits have been reaped. But the atmosphere … Read more

Nina explains the debt limit deal

The amazing Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Executive Director of Americans for the Arts, has proven her keen insights into policy matters over many years, and getting on that organization’s mailing list is an essential step toward learning more about the arts across the country, and how our government policies impact what we do. Yesterday’s explanation of … Read more


The arts season isn’t just about growth. It’s when we show off our very best, when organizations are looking ahead and culminating at the same time. The surge of activity, before the summer doldrums, can leave performers and audiences on a high, and we ride that momentum through the hotter months. And all of that … Read more

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