Before the storm

This weekend lives in an atmosphere of celebration, as we celebrate the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike and all its effects on the local economy (as well as the many Listers who work as part of that union). We also mourn the dearly departed, as the seasonal tradition of Requiem performances continues after Halloween, All … Read more

Andrew Brown to head Pasadena Symphony

Large crowd enjoying an outdoor concert

Andrew Brown, one of our early Listers and a proven arts manager, has announced a move from his position at Pacific Chorale to become the new CEO of Pasadena Symphony Association as of November 13, 2023. That organization also has a new board president in Kimberly S. WinicK. Read the full press release and more about both in this Scoop.

It’s coming

Our website platform for has a lot of automated things attached to it, and is a huge reason that the List has endured through COVID and over the last couple of years. One of those things sets up various reminders and processes for our admins, and today I saw one that made me hold … Read more


In my large and surprisingly diverse family, being opinionated is the norm. I don’t think any of my relatives will quibble with this — in fact, many of them are proud of it, and see it as a sign of strength. So I grew up talking a lot, trying to be truthful and saying exactly … Read more

Help a striker today

The current strikes by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA are hitting tens of thousands of Southern California families HARD. Whatever you think about organized labor, these strikes are important, as they fight against precedent-setting moves by the studios that affect not just your favorite celebrities, but also the many workers who make content … Read more

A little pause

How good are you at pictograms? Charades, maybe? As you can probably tell from the header above, we’re going to “pause for a minute”. This blog will be on hiatus until later in the summer, so we can work on some projects that are very important to the List. In the meantime… In short, we’re … Read more

Recap as of 7/10/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. About this week Tech was everywhere in the news this week… even in the arts. If you haven’t heard about Threads, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. The tweet wars will wage for a while yet, and the cage fight … Read more

Recap as of 7/3/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. About this week Apologies for the delay this week — we use Feedly to organize many of our curated articles for this feature, and that platform was down for about eight hours yesterday, so I finally had to get some sleep. … Read more

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