Lister Review: ‘Sacred’ with Metropolitan Master Chorale

On April 1st the Metropolitan Master Chorale christened their new Los Angeles Theatre Center home with a concert titled “Sacred”. The concert was performed in conjunction with the Valley Symphony Orchestra and a host of guest artists were featured in new works. Getting to LATC was easy. Parking was even easier. The facility is noteworthy, … Read more

‘Zimbe!” from LRMC, 3/11/12

Los Robles Master Chorale Brings Africa to Thousand Oaks On March 11, Africa came to Thousand Oaks via Los Robles Master Chorale and Los Robles Children’s Choir, directed by Lesley Leighton (pictured right) and Donna Young, respectively. The program entitled “Zimbe! Songs of Africa” featured Zimbe by Alexander L’Estrange as well as Baroque and Romantic … Read more

Lister Review: ‘Die Fledermaus’ in Santa Monica

‘Die Fledermaus’ from Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera Feb 5, 2012 — Santa Monica by Coril Prochnow The Church at Ocean Park was sold out for the February 5th performance of Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera’s Die Fledermaus. There was only one empty chair left as Galina Barskaya began playing the overture to the operetta. As I … Read more

ROC’s ‘Don Pasquale’ in Pomona

Gaetano Donizetti’s ‘Don Pasquale’ February 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm performed by Repertory Opera Company – by Miriam and Dale Smith Donizetti’s Don Pasquale was performed by the artists of Repertory Opera Company in Pomona, CA. The First Christian Church‘s sanctuary was transformed by singers doing double duty as stage hands, transporting operagoers to another … Read more

‘Yeomen of the Guard’ in Sierra Madre

– by Elyse Cook (08/27/11) The Yeoman of the Guard is the darkest, and perhaps most emotionally and musically powerful, of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas. Set in the Tower of London the plot revolves around Colonel Fairfax, who is wrongly accused of sorcery by his cousin and sentenced to death. Within an hour of his execution, … Read more

Katie Campbell, ‘End of the Beginning’

Katie Campbell at Boston Court, 7/30/11 CD Release Party – End of the Beginning by Amy Engelhardt Katie Campbell is a freshly uncorked bottle of champagne.  The excitement of the initial pop, the giggly bubble as it pours into a glass, the raised eyebrows when you lift the potion to your lips, and the fizzy … Read more

Rave: ‘Trouble in Tahiti’ in Santa Monica

Did you make it to ‘Trouble in Tahiti’ this weekend? Hi, folks — This is a prime example of why I don’t do real reviews on this site: I’m way too biased, and prefer ‘Raves’, where I can gush without restraint. Pacific Opera Project‘s latest offering, Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti, was great fun and a rare … Read more

‘The Manly Men of Opera’ from ROC

A recital by eight bass singers associated with the Repertory Opera Company — July 2, 2011 By Bruce Wright Singers like to joke about the types of roles traditionally associated with various types of voices. Some lament their limitations, while others delight in the rich tradition, descended from the commedia dell’arte, of stock characters brought vividly … Read more

Surprising pages: Three non-singing books singers should read

Of course, not everyone likes to read.  But if you want to succeed, your bookstore, your library or even your friends can be the first step to learning the crucial skills to keep your momentum going.  Think beyond the usual biographies and rep references, and pick something up that can teach you about your career.  … Read more

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