Diving right in

It’s a big week of season finales, with organizations all over the Southland bringing out fun and exciting programs that will welcome summer with gusto.  Don’t miss the much-anticipated reboot of one of Mozart’s best operas, as Salastina brings Cosi into a more enlightened time.  Be sure to check out your local community choir, and enjoy the wealth of choral music … Read more

Two films (sort of) about singing, Part 1

Lauri reviews Amazon’s “Annette”, a difficult film that includes a lot of singing and poses many problems as it creates a glorious cinematic journey.

Winding with the road

Staying up almost involuntarily to binge The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, and reveling in the beauty of every bit, reminds me of an essential truth for anyone who seeks to create indelible experiences: following a story through twists and turns, and truly committing to every part of it, is one of the most satisfying ways … Read more

Griffith Observatory features Whitacre/space mash-up

One of the most spectacular things that can happen in astronomy is when two things collide. This Friday, June 7 at 7:30pm, the monthly All Space Considered will discuss an artistic collision: how composer Eric Whitacre received profound inspiration from the Hubble Space Telescope’s jaw-dropping “Deep Field” image. The image is an epic ten-day exposure … Read more

C3LA’s ‘House of Usher’ bridges a 90-year gap

This post has been corrected since its original version.  Please see the note after the program listings toward the end.  Thanks!   The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (aka C3LA) brought us the second of two spooky performances on Friday night, October 26th, as they sang original a cappella music over a screening of the … Read more

‘Lacrimosa’ builds intense filmmaking on Mozart foundation

What happens when an award-winning filmmaker melds beloved Mozart with powerful themes, tense drama, actors, dancers, and a few members of the LA Master Chorale? Something very unique, and very intense. Check out the video below. Press release follows. FILM AND MUSIC COMBINE IN LACRIMOSA, A SHORT FILM FEATURING MEMBERS OF THE LOS ANGELES MASTER CHORALE … Read more

The right to sing

A friend posted the following on Facebook last month, and it just cropped up on my radar.  (No, I do not check my Facebook feed every day.) While my initial instinct was to simply comment, the linked article started a ponderation that needs a ranting space of its own.  (Brace yourselves.) Please do read the … Read more

Movie and gathering: A much-anticipated tale of ‘worst singer in the world’

Must music always be about superb performance and artistic brilliance, or can a dream and a heart full of passion be enough to inspire those around us? The new film by Stephen Frears, Florence Foster Jenkins, opens August 12, and profiles one of the most maligned voices of the 20th century — before those “American Idol” … Read more

TONIGHT a 9pm! PBS broadcast of local opera documentary

The award-winning documentary film by Anne O’Neal explores opera nights in Southern California restaurants, and it comes to KCET tonight, with a broadcast of Sing Your Own Song and the story of opera nights at venues like the beloved Café 322 (now sadly defunct).  This tradition of hosting a sort of operatic “open mic” has recently waned in … Read more

A vintage Verdi’s ‘Requiem’ brings history to life in special screenings

by Elizabeth Ackerman, Lister reviewer On February 29, I went to see the 1967 film of the Verdi Requiem conducted by Herbert von Karajan, with soloists Leontyne Price, a very young Luciano Pavarotti, Fiorenza Cossotto and  Nikolai Ghiaurov. The film, which was directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, screened at Laemmle’s Pasadena Playhouse 7, as well as … Read more

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