Happy Halloween!

Boo humbug! I used to believe that Halloween isn’t for everyone. But as the holiday seems to get bigger every year, it’s clear I was wrong. There are hundreds of ways to celebrate this unique holiday, that celebrates very old traditions instead of commemorating a single event or individual. This year, we see arts organizations … Read more

LAMC’s season announcement is our canary in the mine

One of several mid- to large presenting orgs in SoCal’s vocal universe, the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s announcement this week is a welcome sign that plans are moving forward. With a robust season (if a delayed restart of gigs with the LA Phil) and some exciting new projects, this is a season to watch, and … Read more

Rebirth for unSUNg

In case you haven’t heard, the little concert series that we started in 2013 is going through a sort of renaissance right now, and we’re about to launch our very first fundraiser so that this project can continue long into the future. Ariel Pisturino has taken on the role of artistic director as of early … Read more

All Hallows’ Eve, extended

Halloween concert — Sat 11/2 at 7:30pm, Los Angeles Melding a diverse and creative choral program with an architectural space that is fully worthy of a classic spooky movie set, Artes Vocales does their Halloween thing two days later this year, on the Day of the Dead. Just the kind of mashup we love! The … Read more

Tonality season opener: “Borderline”, 10/27

Event report by Doug McDonald This morning I was compelled to look up the word “ensemble;” a group of musicians who perform together is the abridged version, and the definition goes on to talk about the coordination between performers executing their work together and speaks to the group viewed as a whole rather than individually. … Read more

FRIDAY: A new ensemble with an ear for the Renaissance

Making their debut Friday, July 12 in Los Angeles (Mid-Wilshire), a new vocal ensemble emerges with an exceptional roster, no conductor, and the kind of spirit of togetherness that made Renaissance music, well, sing. Vocal works from this era were created and crafted in a different manner than we usually see today, working in spectacular … Read more

Bringing it all together

One of the things Vox Femina does best is that they excel at combining very different elements in their themed performances. This Sunday, they’ll do it again with ” Our Children, Our Hope“, a program that centers around what moms want for their kiddos. This intimately themed concert takes place in a big space, First … Read more

C3LA’s ‘House of Usher’ bridges a 90-year gap

This post has been corrected since its original version.  Please see the note after the program listings toward the end.  Thanks!   The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (aka C3LA) brought us the second of two spooky performances on Friday night, October 26th, as they sang original a cappella music over a screening of the … Read more

Review: LA Master Chorale launches season at full throttle with Mozart and Kirchner pairing

It was another sold-out evening on September 23rd, and the excitement was palpable. Even on the Los Angeles Master Chorale‘s second night of the season, it felt like a gala or the night of a grand premiere. But the massive crowd settled into their seats at some length, and after a quick and gregarious intro by … Read more

Out from the deep, Pittance wows

On Saturday night, June 16, Pittance Chamber Music delighted the attendees at the Pasadena Music Conservatory, with a lively evening of rarely-heard classical works. The ensemble, made up of members of the L.A. Opera orchestra and chorus who are often only heard from down in the orchestra pit, rose up and demonstrated their unique musical gifts. Hearing … Read more

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