POP adds operatic premiere by Brooke deRosa to fall lineup

This just in! One of our Listers (pictured right) has been writing like crazy, and one of SoCal’s most popular regional troupes has grabbed the chance to produce the premiere of her opera. The Monkey’s Paw. They’ll pair it with Menotti’s The Medium for a unique Halloween double bill, with six performances in two very hip locations.  Congrats to … Read more

Newfound verve drives San Diego Opera’s next season

From the southern end of the Southland, we hear tell of pirates, two composers’ last operas, two works set in South America, a starry recital, and a new venue in the mix — all definite signs that one of SoCal’s cherished endeavors is more than just “alive and kicking”. Continuing their trek back from the near-dead … Read more

Soundin’ good for 332…

With J.S. Bach’s birthday rounding the bend again on March 21st, Bach in the Subways is back, bringing the wigged master’s tunes to urban nooks and crannies all over the world, proving that centuries later, the old guy can still inspire, excited and move audiences of all types. This mammoth event has a big footprint in … Read more

… and a-one, and a-two…

The Industry, an iconoclast opera company based in Los Angeles that is changing the genre, returns this weekend with not only their annual showcase of new operatic bites, but an updated look at Bonnie and Clyde, the progressing work by Andrew McIntosh and Melinda Rice. Friday’s performance of “First Take”, a series of six new … Read more

Kristallnacht service brings Jewish music to light as German tradition

Kristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass” is one of the most profound horrors of the last century, an event that rocked Berlin and the surrounding communities, regardless of race and religion.  It took place on November 9-10, 1938, and remains vivid in the minds of many. This Friday, Beth Shalom of Whittier will host a … Read more

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