Start with the words: ‘Understanding Italian Opera’ (Book review)

Understanding Italian Opera by Tim Carter Book review by Lauri D. Goldenhersh First off, I was a little surprised by the density of information, as the description seemed to indicate a more lay audience:  the publisher’s description wraps up with the claim, “Understanding Italian Opera is a must-read for anyone with an interest in and love for … Read more

New book guides new PhDs into academic reality

Book review by Zanaida Robles, DMA Finally, a consolidated, down-to-earth, reality check for recently graduated PhDs and anyone else who feels like an underdog in the tenure track professorship market. Dr. Karen Kelsky has produced a book version of what she has been teaching her clients for years – a method for improving self-marketability and … Read more

Are you a misfit? (That’s a good thing.)

A new book, The Misfit Economy, hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago, and has struck a chord with this reader. While the authors may not have known it, this book was made for our “singerpreneurs”. With a perspective focused on the outliers rather than the typical, and urging action rather than mere understanding, … Read more

Stepping out of the concert hall

A review of Sarah Robinson’s new book on taking classical music to alternative venues by Kristen Toedtman Take a look at the websites of orchestras in any major city and you’ll see various ways in which venerable institutions are attempting to bring not just new, but specifically younger, audience members to the concert hall. (We … Read more

Book review: ‘Never Eat Alone’ reminds us that networking is about other people, too

The new and expanded edition of one the nation’s business best-sellers has been released into the wild, and it contains some very Listerly ideas… With Never Eat Alone, author Keith Ferrazzi has honed in on essential tenets of life in and beyond business.  What is unusual about his approach to relationship-building is that he somehow … Read more

Books: “You Are the Music”

This spring, Icon Books released You Are The Music: How Music Reveals What It Means to Be Human by Victoria Williamson.  It’s a fascinating title, and a cutting-edge topic, as new research is bringing into question the 90s-era “Mozart Effect” that caused a global stir and sent parents hurtling toward tummy-hugging headphones, all sorts of … Read more

Ready or not… A book for a new year

How does one prepare for success as a professional classical singer? As author Carol Kirkpatrick puts it, “There are three things that are essential in any endeavor:  Know the name of the game you want to play.  Know the rules of that game.  And most importantly, you have to know how the game is actually … Read more

Surprising pages: Three non-singing books singers should read

Of course, not everyone likes to read.  But if you want to succeed, your bookstore, your library or even your friends can be the first step to learning the crucial skills to keep your momentum going.  Think beyond the usual biographies and rep references, and pick something up that can teach you about your career.  … Read more

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