Don’t go it alone

Quarantine doesn’t have to mean total isolation. You may have noticed a fairly quiet rollout of our Group Coaching program, and it’s going well. This program is designed help performers connect, strategize, lay out some plans and brainstorm ideas for how they’ll build their next projects… or even the next phase of their career. Does … Read more

Tech skills are no longer optional

The pandemic, among other things, has taught us that technology is more important than ever. So when I speak to clients and mentees who still think they can get by without having a website, or without using social media, or who are simply waiting for things to go “back to normal”, their ostrich-worthy denial seems … Read more

Tart and sweet

We’re at quite a juncture, and I can’t help but get a little wistful, and plenty philosophical. It’s the very start of fall, we’re in the dip between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, it’s only a couple of weeks into the “main” liturgical season for church music, and we face multiple societal crossroads, as well. … Read more

Chewing the air

With all of the smoke, we’re reminded that it’s time to get serious about air quality, no matter where you live. Check out the AirNow app, which is free and available for Android and iOS. It draws from highly-respected data sources to show you quickly and visually not only what your local AQI is, but just … Read more

That’s not music!

How to talk to someone who hates a piece of creative work “That’s not music!” A friend told me recently that her teenager had responded with this pithy phrase, when hearing a piece of contemporary classical music. It wasn’t familiar, it wasn’t “cool”, so the kid just disregarded it, and wanted it turned off. She … Read more

Discussion episodes online now

Our pandemic-fueled online discussion series is finally online, and we’ve learned a lot: We’ve posted two of our first three episodes at now, and will have the July episode up next week — some unexpected issues with format, file size and account management have slowed us down considerably, and for that, I humbly thank … Read more

Does place matter?

In weeks like this, when the LA Marathon transforms the city streets and even shuts down some Sunday morning services, we’re especially reminded of how our geography affects our work. When the weather is this gorgeous and the spring time change happens at the same time, we’re even more aware of the facts and facets … Read more

One of the last full-time classical critic positions in North America has been filled again

In a world where arts journalism, in particular, is struggling, Musical America broke this happy news yesterday: Washington Post Names New Classical Music Critic The Washington Post has a new classical music critic as of March 9. He is Michael Brodeur, a.k.a. Michael Andor Brodeur. The Post describes him as “a writer, critic and editor who … Read more

The problem with the planned encore

At some point, aren’t you just milking it? A few concerts in the last year have brought this to mind, and I’m genuinely interested in what our generally quiet readers have to say.  Our readers tend to respond by email rather than via blog comment, and that’s perfectly OK: you’re always welcome to Contact us … Read more

Busy, busy Lister

Tenor and conductor Nate Widelitz first became part of the Listerhood just after he finished his bachelor’s degree at USC, and then his active career and educational aspirations took him on an international adventure including a year in Bulgaria, studying folk music; grad school at Yale; and teaching music on the East Coast.  But since … Read more

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