A good day to take a good look

Many people with day jobs or “real jobs” have the day off today, to honor the birthday of a 20th-century titan: Martin Luther King, Jr. In some states, this is simply “Civil Rights Day”, which communicates both more and less, depending on how you look at it. But whatever you call it, be sure to … Read more

Falling into place

It’s mostly SoCal’s larger presenting organizations who are making a splash right now, and that’s to be expected. We’re hearing great things about LAO’s Il Trovatore in DTLA, but Independent Opera Company dives in this weekend with a fundraiser to build their future, and the LA Master Chorale launches their new season with a program … Read more

New podcast episode puts spotlight on collaboration

In the latest from the Singerpreneur Podcast, I spoke with mezzo-soprano Diana Tash about her upcoming performance as sculptor Camille Claudel, and the journey in taking Jake Heggie‘s song cycle to the stage… twice. Diana has long been a role model for singers who want to actively create vibrant projects, and her essential role in … Read more

The big build is here!

So, that’s been fun… If you’ve visited the Lauri’s List website recently, you may have noticed the strange LACK of something very essential — the menus. (Yeah, that’s a problem.) Sadly, our main site has been hacked, and while a basic fix has been achieved (at great expense), our fixers inadvertently broke some essential components … Read more

Start now

That was the message this week, when one of my course classmates expressed concern that he wouldn’t really need his podcast for six more years. But with what we’re doing, he’ll be producing podcast content in a matter of weeks. Seth and Alex, our course leaders, said, “Perfect. Start now.” (In case you just missed … Read more

Cheer for lots of holidays

What a nice afternoon! Our most lighthearted program yet, unSUNg ventures into holidaydom with “Sharing Light”, by celebrating Hannukah, Festivus, Christmas, Kwanzaa… and all the food that tends to happen in December. Ariel Pisturino, unSUNg’s new artistic director this year, put together the program and created the video. The event premiered on YouTube at 4pm … Read more

Moving forward

You’ve probably seen the emails. We’ve been busy. There’s a lot to share, so I’d like to share a few events with you, right up front. We’ll be bringing back public and member updates on a limited basis, sharing whatever opportunities and events are available in this strange situation. Things may be very different for … Read more

Acoustic time

As many classical musicians are currently finding themselves thrust into the online world, they are also learning recording skills at varying speeds. If you haven’t started learning about home recording, we’d suggest you get going. Part of all of that is coming to terms with acoustics and their principles in new and more specific ways. … Read more

Don’t go it alone

Quarantine doesn’t have to mean total isolation. You may have noticed a fairly quiet rollout of our Group Coaching program, and it’s going well. This program is designed help performers connect, strategize, lay out some plans and brainstorm ideas for how they’ll build their next projects… or even the next phase of their career. Does … Read more

Tech skills are no longer optional

The pandemic, among other things, has taught us that technology is more important than ever. So when I speak to clients and mentees who still think they can get by without having a website, or without using social media, or who are simply waiting for things to go “back to normal”, their ostrich-worthy denial seems … Read more

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