Causes of art

From the dawn of civilization, creators have connected their work with things they believed in.  Not all artists are political, and no one will support every cause or every work of art.  But beauty does not exist in a vacuum, and the meaning it conveys can move mountains, change society and bring profound change to … Read more

Very big week

So, let’s start with the GRAMMYs and all the people who were honored in one fell swoop with LA Phil’s recording of Mahler’s 8th. Controversy is still in the air:  California is backing away from mask requirements for indoor venues (while local and venue rules still apply), yet surveys reveal on both coasts that audiences seem to favor an abundance … Read more

Sounding boards

Another lesson that has been highlighted in recent coaching sessions: the eternal importance of sounding boards. Having a mentor or buddy who creates a safe space for innovation and experimentation between you is actually a rare and precious thing, and that is a relationship worth pursuing, nurturing and protecting once you’ve found someone who is … Read more


And all of a sudden, the calendar is full to bursting. Concerts are back, with a very musical vengeance. (Take that, COVID!) It’s great to see a week like this, with opera, concerts, recitals and more clamoring for audiences. Halfway through Lent, look for special services, oratorios and so much excellent sacred music that the … Read more

Belated Presidents’ Day: A few thoughts on leadership

It’s the day after Presidents’ Day, and it’s got me thinking.  What kind of leaders are we choosing, supporting and serving as in the arts?  There has never been a time more crucial to the future of classical music and other arts disciplines, and the way we choose to move forward matters.  Will we fight for equitable access to … Read more

Opera doesn’t (always) look like this anymore…

One of the most fascinating parts of being an observer of the arts world is seeing genres evolve over time. While the mainstream public may still think of opera as being full of Viking horns and taking place on huge stages, companies in Los Angeles, in particular, have proven that one of the grandest art … Read more

A good day to take a good look

Many people with day jobs or “real jobs” have the day off today, to honor the birthday of a 20th-century titan: Martin Luther King, Jr. In some states, this is simply “Civil Rights Day”, which communicates both more and less, depending on how you look at it. But whatever you call it, be sure to … Read more

Falling into place

It’s mostly SoCal’s larger presenting organizations who are making a splash right now, and that’s to be expected. We’re hearing great things about LAO’s Il Trovatore in DTLA, but Independent Opera Company dives in this weekend with a fundraiser to build their future, and the LA Master Chorale launches their new season with a program … Read more

New podcast episode puts spotlight on collaboration

In the latest from the Singerpreneur Podcast, I spoke with mezzo-soprano Diana Tash about her upcoming performance as sculptor Camille Claudel, and the journey in taking Jake Heggie‘s song cycle to the stage… twice. Diana has long been a role model for singers who want to actively create vibrant projects, and her essential role in … Read more

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