One smile fading

While some indicators in the arts are looking promising and we’re generally feeling vibes of a more hopeful arts community, not everything is moving forward, and the latest casualty is a “set it and forget” charity program that has, in theory, supported quite a few arts orgs in the Southland, across the US, and beyond. … Read more

New Year’s JOY, all year long

The days immediately after a holiday can be a letdown: have you already broken a resolution or two? Have the decorations come down? Has the bubbly lost its fizz? It doesn’t have to signify an immediate loss of the meaning that was worth celebrating in the first place. Several years ago, I bought a metal … Read more

Any given Tuesday

We know we love the arts. (If you don’t, you’re truly reading the wrong blog.) On a day when you’re probably being bombarded with pleas for help from a wide variety of nonprofits, I have this one request, aimed at every one of you: Please donate to SOMETHING by the end of the year. Performers … Read more

Getting ready to strut that stuff

This is our two-week Thanksgiving issue, which means that a LOT is happening in the Next 14: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the first Sunday of Advent, Giving Tuesday, and the start of the roller-coaster ride that is the Christmas concert season. This is the time of year when musicians and other performers are juggling packed schedules … Read more

The List turns 20 next month!

As of December 10, Lauri’s List will have been around for two decades. (Can you believe it?) Thank you all SO much for being with us, reading us, joining the List, sending us your listings and events, and helping us to create some terrific events of our own. Lauri’s List has grown tremendously over the … Read more

Arts journalism matters, even on Twitter

If you’re not on the Essential Arts mailing list from the Los Angeles Times, you should be. This week’s issue tackles the upheaval at Twitter in both thoughtful and pithy tones and rightly ponders what the blue birdie’s undoing might do to arts journalism. The newsletter is usually helmed by Carolina A. Miranda, and includes … Read more

Spending this Tuesday with TED

I’ve been on TED’s mailing list for years, as they make interesting recommendations each week from their extensive library of short “talks” on just about any subject you can imagine. Doing a TED Talk can make a career, even in classical music. (Just ask Eric Whitacre, Gustavo Dudamel or any of the other numerous musicians … Read more

[Updated] LA’s penchant for fresh works bears fruit

This week, the Los Angeles music scene shows off their new music prowess with two new operas and a special concert of art song, just to start. We’re lucky to be served by a community that makes music groundbreaking and not just good, surrounded as we are by excellent musicians who don’t shy away from the … Read more

Never give up your BRAVADO

As someone who grew up thinking of herself as outgoing and easy to get along with, it seems strange now as I have to acknowledge so much anxiety and insecurity… even in an age where “anxiety” seems to be the buzzword of the day, with stigma (thankfully) removed. Upon reflection, this isn’t that surprising. We … Read more

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