Help a striker today

The current strikes by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA are hitting tens of thousands of Southern California families HARD. Whatever you think about organized labor, these strikes are important, as they fight against precedent-setting moves by the studios that affect not just your favorite celebrities, but also the many workers who make content … Read more

Doing “less”

We speak of summer in the arts world as if it’s a period of hiatus, re-energizing, and downcycling. While all of that may be true in a sense, it’s also a time of ingenuity, rebirth and sometimes hectic scrambling to get ready for the next round. You may be part of an intensive training program. … Read more


The arts season isn’t just about growth. It’s when we show off our very best, when organizations are looking ahead and culminating at the same time. The surge of activity, before the summer doldrums, can leave performers and audiences on a high, and we ride that momentum through the hotter months. And all of that … Read more

Turning green

This issue doesn’t quite reach to St. Patrick’s Day, but somehow it feels bigger this year. Perhaps we all need some extra luck. Maybe it’s how the rain is turning Southern California lush and snowy and green all over. It could be the persistence of green treats all around us. But whatever your Leprechaun-like totem … Read more

Unique week

It’s not every seven days that we see a world premiere after more than a century and a half; a dance-opera themed around a spiritual equine; separate performances of ancient masterworks by des Prez and Monteverdi; fascinating learning opportunities; AND a half-century birthday concert for Thomas Adès, one of the most gifted creators of his … Read more

UCLA hosts three days of events around Dave Brubeck’s epic cantata for peace

“When King said, ‘We must live together as brothers,’ people didn’t hear it. Now they damn well hear it.” — Dave Brubeck A concert at UCLA’s Royce Hall (2/26) will be reprised at Holman United Methodist Church (a historically Black church in LA) on 2/28 with a daylong conference at UCLA in between (2/27). Over these three days, … Read more

Des Prezes

Sorry, Josquin — we just had to, as it’s Presidents’ Day weekend! While this holiday isn’t loaded with laughs so much as patriotism, playing hooky and some really terrific music, I hope you all enjoy it and offer a toast to at least two of our former leaders. (I’ve often wondered how they’d feel about … Read more

Very operatic

“Everybody is always in the middle of their own opera.” — Greta Gerwig This week, the calendar is all about opera: LA Opera is busy launching their run of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, and the buzz is tremendous. Rumors abound of fantastic singing, and those are our favorite kind of rumors… You can learn more about that … Read more

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