Stuck in the kaleidoscope

Butterflies are everywhere this time of year, and even as I write this in the spring sunshine, at least half a dozen monarchs and fritillaries have come to peek over my shoulder.  Apparently it’s a big week for flutters of all kinds, and yes — we checked.  A group of lepidoptera is indeed called a … Read more

Once you’re working, let go of your GPA

One of the greatest myths in education is that grades are indicators of intelligence, talent and even potential.  All of these misconceptions must be discarded, especially if you plan to work in a creative field. Grades are part of an academic environment that can do much to prepare a creative soul for work in the real world. … Read more

Two axioms to axe from your thinking

Proverbs and sayings are often useful shortcuts.  We use them to express what we believe to be true in just a few words.  In the real world, however, some things that people believe to be true, things they may even use as the basis of their lives and decision-making, just don’t work. Don’t worry!  I’m … Read more

O for applause

Someone commented recently that in my reviews, I don’t often say whether or not there was a standing ovation after a concert or opera.  This is true, but it’s not due to a lack of observation or interest, but rather a result of my own ongoing frustration with modern audiences. As Lauri’s List is primarily … Read more

Creativity, arts ed …and drugs for kids? Really?

Rather bizarre news this week.  First, Tasmanian multimedia artist Leon Ewing started a campaign to give drugs to teenagers to unlock their creativity. He plans to raise the idea of “educational marijuana” at an Australian museum event next month highlighting difficulties in schools. Then, the museum hosting the event stood up for him, refraining from … Read more

No more ivory towers

Keep in mind the audience you don’t know yet At a recent press conference, an opera director who should know better was flummoxed for a second by a simple question.  Transcript follows: Q:  For anyone who’s unfamiliar with [very famous title], what makes this opera so special? A:  [pause]  …You can hardly believe that there … Read more

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