Can branding be encapsulated in a font?

This has been on my mind for the last several days, as a recent article by Fast Company seems like an encouraging foray into the business of classical music, but offers an awfully narrow scope of reporting within the piece. Check out Feb 10’s “Can branding save classical music?”, which we first encountered through this … Read more

Virtual arts — Online stuff for keeping the faith alive

Here’s the good news: While we don’t know yet what’s coming or how the COVID-19 quarantine will affect our future in the arts, there are lots of people out there, including us, building programs and resources to help you get through this. For now, here are a few of the resources we’ve found so far. … Read more

Groupmuse: One artist’s experience

As a platform that helps ensembles create home concert experiences for a broader audience, Groupmuse has had our attention for awhile. One of our longtime Listers, soprano and SAG-AFTRA member Harriet Fraser, tells of her experience last year with the groupmuse model. Learn more on their website: Love at first sight A composer friend … Read more

Old Rock Day

We’re going to explore some unusual holidays this year, and while Old Rock Day isn’t officially about music, we’re hijacking it to share a video of one of the earliest examples of the rise of rock ‘n roll: the 1944 gem from Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “Strange Things Happen Every Day“: Of course, there may be … Read more

Does your website address end in .org? Don’t panic

Are you panicking? Read the headline again. Due to news stories like this fairly reasonable one from CNN, there seem to be some rumors afoot, with wild tales of skyrocketing website costs and even targeting of nonprofits by the tech industry. But slow down, and leave the freaking out to the music directors who are … Read more

Composer becomes direct publisher: An interview with Amy Gordon

Lauri had an in-depth chat with Lister composer Amy Gordon, who has recently launched a fully functional store on her website. You can peruse and listen to her compositions as well as purchase as many copies as you need. It’s beautifully built, well-designed and an excellent example of how musicians can take sales into their … Read more

A dynamic trio hits Groupmuse

Transatlantic Journey The Tritone ensemble, with soprano Harriet Fraser, clarinettist Amanda Walker and pianist Maria Demina are taking on the new(ish) Groupmuse platform to bring classical music to the house concert model. The nationwide (and more) website is lighting a fire under innovative musicians, and this group definitely fits that description. RSVP online and attend this unusual program that includes Schubert’s Shepherd on the … Read more

New chief and new phase for iCadenza

Most of us know iCadenza as the powerhouse team of Jennifer Rosenfeld and Julia Torgovitzkaya, who came onto the SoCal arts scene several years ago with intriguing video interviews, then energizing training for artists, and finally an artist management company that helped to fill the frustrating void that so many worthy artists felt between living in … Read more

Reading List: the Pacific Symphony blog

Being part of the classical community means staying in touch, so you know who’s doing what, which performances can’t be missed, where the trends are, and even who you’d like to audition for. While the List exists for a lot of these reasons (and thank you for reading us), additional sources will offer perspective that … Read more

Selling in

A little thought from Seth Godin’s recent post: “I’m not selling anything” Of course you are. You’re selling connection or forward motion. You’re selling a new way of thinking, a better place to work, a chance to make a difference. Or perhaps you’re selling possibility, generosity or sheer hard work… If you’re not trying to … Read more

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