No treat like this retreat

Notes from the Women Singers Retreat — July 11, 2012 Earlier this year, Caroline McKenzie, a longtime Lister and friend (and jaw-dropping soprano to boot) got a bee in her bonnet, and hatched an almost magical plan:  she would put together a day-long “retreat” for female classical singers who had reached or passed the midpoint … Read more

Keeping music muscles in shape

[From guest blogger and Lister, Amy Engelhardt]   This year. while I spent a chunk of time in New York City, I sought out freelance work at churches and temples for some extra dinero, as I have done for 20+ years subbing for many of YOU sopranos and altos in Los Angeles.  Because I had … Read more

List-making (and other tools) for Listers

rock paper scissors

Making decisions about what to do next may require more finesse than “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Working artists, pulled as we are in many directions most of the time, can be frustrated, even lose hope, watching in dismay as worthwhile projects flounder.  Part of our reality is that many things in our careers are out of … Read more

Two opera skills sites worth a peek

The Opera Audition is a new blog, penned by Bill Florescu of Milwaukee’s Florentine Opera Company.  He has a lot to say on the audition process and how to hone those skills, and the writing’s pretty good — although he writes with a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, it’s easy to follow unlike so many other … Read more

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