Goldstar epiphany: Lumping all music together, and how it changes arts marketing

When Goldstar removed the “Classical” category from their search options last year, I was annoyed.  No longer can we easily go to their extensive listings and find just the things that we’re interested in. The insanely popular discount ticket site covers thousands of live events across the country each week, and in dozens of categories.  … Read more

The dress debate, llama drama and Jared Leto’s hair

Of any week in recent memory, the last stands out for pure cyber-ridiculousness. Of course, runaway camelids are fun (and, I can attest, quite difficult to grab).  “Optical illusion” is apparently the new label for what is simply bad photography. And the shock and awe of an Oscar-winning musician/actor’s sheared locks has also been all … Read more

Marketing Monday: Audiences really are shrinking! (But there’s hope)

Recent reports from the National Endowment for the Arts are both confirming suspicions and upending traditional views with some surprising results.  While traditional attendance is down, the reasons for staying home may be unexpected.  Clearly, price is not the only issue, and we can no longer blame empty seats on the recession that started more … Read more

Draw attention to yourself!

Four ways to put the List to work If you make art in the woods and no one knows… Of course it’s still art, but will it get you anywhere?  Will it engage, provoke or inspire anyone but you and the critters?  Your projects need attention, and the List can help.  As the new season … Read more

The lists that never end

This is the first in our new Marketing Mondays series, appearing two or three times a month, and designed to give a pep talk to our readers and encourage you to be more proactive about promoting all of your projects.  Have ideas or things that have worked for you? Please comment — we’d love to … Read more

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