New music gets space in the national spotlight

Big news this week includes the announcement of a centralized place to showcase your upcoming new music events.  New Music USA has announced it will provide Event Pages for the first time, and registered users can advertise their new music events for free, and make that information easily available to an international audience. SoCal violinist Movses … Read more

Why Seth rocks

We’re talking about neither Rogen nor MacFarlane, although they both have their moments. Seth Godin, as some of our readers know, has created a huge worldwide following — more than just about any other “marketing guru” — because his blog and books are unique, building a voice that is distinctly his own.  He’s a strong, … Read more

Audio eggs: More than one basket, please!

Soundcloud is having a spot of rather notable trouble, with layoffs of 173 of their employees and full closure of their San Francisco and London offices.  The audio platform launched in Berlin in 2008, and it’s seen phenomenal growth, on and off, ever since.  While it is most often hailed as an online hub for … Read more

Quick checklist for summer

As the main season wraps up and we face the (sometimes) less busy summer months, this is a great time to put some effort into your marketing for next season.  Even if you’re “only” responsible for promoting your own career and activities, you’ll be so glad you paid a little attention to your materials and … Read more

After the gobble: Holiday marketing and the arts

In case you’ve been completely ignoring us, you’re probably aware that Lauri’s List does offer a few special discounts on memberships, events and services during the annual post-Thanksgiving extravaganza.  This shopping-crazed weekend has grown enormously since the internet changed marketing so profoundly.  Not including the actual day of Thanksgiving (where we hope you ate well and … Read more

The Freebie: Investing in your network with song

Singing for free is controversial, and some singers just won’t do it, no matter what birdie=freedom proverb you throw at them. This is a personal choice, and every performer has to make their own decision on this issue.  But for those trying to become better known in a new area, or even in the city where … Read more

Changing the words around classical

The classical music blogosphere has touched several times recently on one of the biggest problems with the way our art is marketed:  we don’t know how to write about it.  In fact, most musicians don’t know how to speak compellingly to laypeople, much less their own colleagues.  If we can’t seem excited about what we … Read more

The problem with branding in classical music

The new year is rapidly gaining ground, and it’s a good time to look at the way we market ourselves and build our reputations.  Let’s start with a ubiquitous buzzword:  branding. A while ago, I was admonished by an opera director to make sure I wasn’t teaching our members about branding. The request surprised me, as … Read more

Meetups, hobbies and other interests: Are you networking enough beyond music?

Can a visit to the aquarium actually help your career?  You betcha. Most of our readers know about the “schmoozes” we occasionally host for the Lauri’s List community:  the purpose of these casual networking gatherings is to give Listers a chance to meet each other and make some new contacts.  It’s been working well, and … Read more

Never leave home without them

Your business cards, that is.  The card you should always have at your fingertips is one that shows name title phone number email address No more excuses You never know when you’ll find a bona fide chance to make an impression, and you certainly don’t want to be remembered for not having a card handy. … Read more

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