Blessed be the late bloomer

There is no magic formula or magic timer to let you know when your career should “break”.  You might be an overnight star, have a steady career, or anything in between.  Marketing guru Seth Godin (whom we often quote in this space) has again tapped into the artist’s bizbrain with a little post we need … Read more

Audition mojo for all

Backstage, the essential resource for theater and film actors on both coasts, requires a subscription for access to audition listings (sound familiar?), so many singers tend to ignore it unless they’re actively seeking jobs in musical theater.  However, the website holds an enormous wealth of resources that could apply to classical vocal performers and other … Read more

Save these dates for 2013

  It’s going to be a big year, with a major milestone, more workshops, great Gatherings, and a new showcase series next summer.   Mark these down now… there are more to come!   Jan 6 — 10th Anniversary Party (register) Jan 14-28 — 2013 Resolution Series (3 workshops) The Social Studio — Teachers Building Tribes … Read more

Pinterest for Listers

Pinterest is an online pinboard – a place to collect and curate the things you love.  Started as a small operation in 2009, they launched for public consumption in 2010, and have become one of the hottest sites on the web in a very short time.  Previously a consumer-only site, designed for fun, businesses around … Read more

No treat like this retreat

Notes from the Women Singers Retreat — July 11, 2012 Earlier this year, Caroline McKenzie, a longtime Lister and friend (and jaw-dropping soprano to boot) got a bee in her bonnet, and hatched an almost magical plan:  she would put together a day-long “retreat” for female classical singers who had reached or passed the midpoint … Read more

List-making (and other tools) for Listers

rock paper scissors

Making decisions about what to do next may require more finesse than “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Working artists, pulled as we are in many directions most of the time, can be frustrated, even lose hope, watching in dismay as worthwhile projects flounder.  Part of our reality is that many things in our careers are out of … Read more

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