Mom wisdom

My mother loves owls, which I have always thought rather apt. She is a very wise woman. Of course, she thinks she’s completely ordinary, which just makes her insights into the rest of the world more potent. So here’s a quote — not because I love my mommy (which I do), but because she reminded … Read more


“Just because you are committed to moving forward doesn’t mean you have to move at any certain speed. Think about how slowly mountains are made. Think about how islands build up from the sea floor until they finally break the surface. Progress is progress. Keep moving.” — Tweeted 1/7/20 by @maggiesmithpoet (Follow her!)

Looking into your own soul

It’s sometimes surprising how many performers are actually fearful about diving too deeply into activities that require keen self-awareness. Is it possible to be an effective communicator without some sense of what drives and motivates you, what you’re terrified of, and what you love more than anything else? It’s too late at night to tackle … Read more

Why we music

An unattributed quote* grabbed my attention on Facebook today: Musicians don’t just like to play music.  They aren’t just fond of it.  It’s not a passing hobby. Music is an obsession for a musician. It is something that has grabbed a hold of their lives, and won’t let go. We often hear artists, writers and others say that … Read more

Fraidy-cats and want

What are you afraid of? It may very well be what you want most.  Everyone’s afraid of something. The tricky part is getting past the big, scary distance between you and that goal. Can you picture it?  Do you know what it will take, or at least what your next steps are?  Don’t let fear … Read more

Whitacre and the big “why”

This quote comes to us from the well-followed and much-liked Twitter account of epic choral composer Eric Whitacre.  If you’ve ever wondered why singing is unlike just about any other activity in the universe, try this on for size: I believe now more than ever that singing is a universal, built-in mechanism designed to cultivate empathy … Read more

An audacious “which came first?”

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When are you most brave?  Is it when you need your courage the most, or does your courage make things happen?  This chicken-or-egg question is an intriguing one, and writer Anaïs Nin was certainly no shrinking violet, either in the way she lived or in the way she faced adversity. Whether you rise to a … Read more

This week: Joyce, worth (re)quoting

Opera North has nicely dropped the perfect quote into our laps (thank you!), so we shall defer to Twitter for the dispensing of artsy wisdom this week: Beautiful #WednesdayWisdom from mezzo-soprano @JoyceDiDonato #WiseWords — Opera North (@Opera_North) June 22, 2016 Joyce DiDonato is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic divas to rise in the … Read more

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