Make practice a little more ‘super’

Our most observant Twitter followers have probably picked up on my fascination with Lifehacker, a blog that covers wide-ranging topics and solutions for problems you didn’t even know you had.  Sometimes it’s genuinely helpful.  Sometimes it’s dead wrong. Sometimes it’s just plain fun.  (And sometimes, it even features one of our own!) A post from … Read more

Sunny side up

It’s been a week full of shattering changes, with a side order of big, juicy uncertainty. But what we know is this: the current crisis will pass, and we all need to be ready to move when the time comes. So take care of yourselves, but be sure you’re keeping your spirits up along the … Read more

Tips for that elusive look

Are you camera-shy, or just a little nervous about your next photo shoot? Prep work helps, just as it does in almost everything else in life. Before your next headshot shoot, put your best tootsies forward with some tips from a top photog in the acting world. (Considering that actors tend to get shot far … Read more

Looking into your own soul

It’s sometimes surprising how many performers are actually fearful about diving too deeply into activities that require keen self-awareness. Is it possible to be an effective communicator without some sense of what drives and motivates you, what you’re terrified of, and what you love more than anything else? It’s too late at night to tackle … Read more

What are you willing to REALLY reach for?

There’s something about being a musician that makes some people feel helpless, like luck is everything. Quasi-proverbial clichés like “it’s who you know…” and “opportunity knocks” can be misinterpreted as reality checks, and can often feel like slaps in the face. But they should really be calls to action. If you know what you want … Read more

Face-to-face with “as long as possible”

Planning on working well into retirement? We hear this a lot from classical pros of all kinds, including singers. The “plan” may be to work for as long as you can, but is that really a plan? The fact is, you and your current streams of income will likely stop before you drop. And you … Read more

The P word

We talk about passion quite a bit in the arts. (Yeah, you probably noticed at some point.) Are you actually following yours, at least some of the time? Hope so. Let’s test it. Try at least one of these (mostly quick) exercises to see where your heart is at: What was your favorite thing to … Read more

Chasing inspiration

Find your inspiration wherever it lives. Spend a little time, every day, being quiet enough so it can find you. If one spot isn’t doing it for you, switch it up and try a new location, a new chair, a new window, every day, until you find the vibe that is closest to your frequency. … Read more

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