(Hiding out until normal comes back)

Here’s the problem with hiding out: “What’s normal again?” Can’t remember. And of course, it doesn’t matter much, because as things shut down and eventually open up again, things will be different… again. What we have to embrace is that the newness and strangeness of how the world is changing is OK. Look for the … Read more

Are you decorating yet?

Prepping for our upcoming unSUNg concert, a very multicultural affair, Ariel and I have been exploring a number of ways that people celebrate different parts of December. It’s also led to no small bit of nostalgia. When I was growing up, my mother bought two gorgeous cross stitch Advent calendars as kits in Solvang, each … Read more

New “deal” this year

That’s a lot of empty seats. And those seats have affected all of this year, which is why, in case you haven’t noticed, we didn’t do a set a Black Friday promotions this year. I’m very grateful to those of you who have kept your memberships going this year. If you haven’t been able to, … Read more

Sunny side up

It’s been a week full of shattering changes, with a side order of big, juicy uncertainty. But what we know is this: the current crisis will pass, and we all need to be ready to move when the time comes. So take care of yourselves, but be sure you’re keeping your spirits up along the … Read more

Three wishes in a global crisis

“Three Wishes” — Southern California Vocal Events LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlights from theClickable Chamber Music Newsletter Some thoughts about the arts in pandemic: As the coronavirus situation progresses, I’d like to send best wishes and warm thoughts to all of the performing organizations and the performers who are not only striving for community health, … Read more

Don’t forget the silly

With viruses and freelancer laws and politics and life and speed bumps and obligations and schedules and budgets and closures and more, there are a lot of reasons to be serious right now. Don’t let it go too far. Grab a reason to cut loose at least once a day, just for the sake of … Read more

Hands up!

The theme of the week seems to be “don’t panic, but do prepare”. And with one of the weirdest and newsy flu seasons in recent memory, there’s plenty of chatter. However, the CDC and other reliable sources offer some pretty simple advice, which is nicely summed up by this article from NPR and the video … Read more

The inquisitive part


A few weeks ago, I had the sheer pleasure of being part of the first Hildegards Symposium at the Colburn School. The Hildegards is a new networking group for women in classical music, based here in SoCal and supported by organizations that include LA Opera, LA Phil, and many others. As a member of the … Read more


“Just because you are committed to moving forward doesn’t mean you have to move at any certain speed. Think about how slowly mountains are made. Think about how islands build up from the sea floor until they finally break the surface. Progress is progress. Keep moving.” — Tweeted 1/7/20 by @maggiesmithpoet (Follow her!)

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