Back in the swing

As most of you know, we’ve cut back on our content production (i.e. how much we write) over the last year or so, as your fearless leader has been formulating some new plans and new programs, to be announced soon. The List is growing in multiple directions, and good things are in the works! Thank … Read more

A dynamic trio hits Groupmuse

Transatlantic Journey The Tritone ensemble, with soprano Harriet Fraser, clarinettist Amanda Walker and pianist Maria Demina are taking on the new(ish) Groupmuse platform to bring classical music to the house concert model. The nationwide (and more) website is lighting a fire under innovative musicians, and this group definitely fits that description. RSVP online and attend this unusual program that includes Schubert’s Shepherd on the … Read more

Register now for next Friday’s arts conference in the IE

October 4 — The Art of Women This unusual arts conference is FREE, and takes place in the Inland Empire next week. Even lunch is included! With a masterclass led by the wonderful Suzanna Guzmán, panel discussions and a variety of workshops during the day, this is a valuable opportunity to examine your own marketing, … Read more

Opera sprouts

This has been an interesting season, with genre-bending projects, choirs exploring a wider variety of thematic presentation than ever, and vocal types of all kinds giving some real thought to what they want to be doing… and in some cases, what they want to build.So the fact that we’ve seen debuts by several new opera companies … Read more

Welcome a riotous spring

One thing’s for sure this year: I haven’t heard a single Angeleno get wistful about a “lack of seasons” in SoCal. While our weather is still more temperate than what our Eastern and Midwestern cohorts have faced this winter, our local climate has meant not just oodles of rain, but also hail, winds and even … Read more

Bringing it all together

One of the things Vox Femina does best is that they excel at combining very different elements in their themed performances. This Sunday, they’ll do it again with ” Our Children, Our Hope“, a program that centers around what moms want for their kiddos. This intimately themed concert takes place in a big space, First … Read more

Music and grief

Waking up at 5am, I was prepared for bad news. I had already heard about the Camp Fire on the northern end of the state, as my family and I have numerous connections in Paradise, where up to 90% of the town has been destroyed since yesterday. In the wake of a challenging political week … Read more

Content hiatus: Cooking up a storm

There are big things cooking, and you’ve seen a few of them already:  our new Vocal Events Calendar is humming along, and spreading the word. (Have you submitted your events yet? Look for the button at the top of the calendar page!) We’ve redesigned our e-newsletters, we’re revamping unSUNg, we’ve expanded our advertising options, and … Read more


It always seems a little strange to say “Happy Memorial Day”, as the day’s purpose is to remember those who have given their lives for the rest of us. But celebrating that courage, that commitment and such sacrifice is just as right as mourning loss, so hopefully this weekend will be about more than burgers. … Read more

What is LA?

It’s still surprising how often this question comes up, if not in these exact words. Whether it’s a geographical, cultural, aesthetic, culinary, artistic, genre’d, industrial or vocational question, it illustrates the sheer magnitude of our diversity and what happens here in a given week… or even on a single day. As it surrounds the weekend … Read more

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