Podcasts, podcasts, everywhere

As technology continues to become more manageable and brings marketing options to millions of people, everyone has a voice of their own. After years of pondering, we’ve launched our own Singerpreneur Podcast, which is an extension of the blog and is now available on all major channels and quite a few more. Look for us … Read more

The arts are starting to wake up a bit

With changes in California’s state policies and the cautious reopening of a few iconic venues (who’s heading to Hollywood Bowl this summer?), performing arts presenters are finally starting to see the light at the end of that long, dark tunnel. Foundations and service organizations are looking around for attitudes and answers, with multiple surveys (big … Read more

New company, new take on ‘Carmen’

When “remake” is a good thing… Director Carson Gilmore has proven his creative instincts with an array of other companies locally, and has long been looking to start his own troupe. With a well-received and ambitious black box production of Bellini’s difficult and gender-bending I Capuleti e i Montecchi a couple of years ago, the then-named Hawkmore Lyric Opera … Read more

Take care

This adorable little guy has the right idea… Once we get into November, the fall schedule for most performers gets increasingly hectic. And of course, we’re heading into cold and flu season, to boot. While you may have already had a flu shot and stocked up on Robitussin, this is the time to double down … Read more

Seasons greetings! (The other kind)

While Halloween itself isn’t necessarily a huge working holiday for vocal types, the days after Halloween are actually quite busy for local churches. Watch out for carefully rehearsed requiems of all sorts — even the Franken-kind! See one of the CCMN selections below… There are quite a few events in this arena on our calendar, and more in … Read more

All Hallows’ Eve, extended

Halloween concert — Sat 11/2 at 7:30pm, Los Angeles Melding a diverse and creative choral program with an architectural space that is fully worthy of a classic spooky movie set, Artes Vocales does their Halloween thing two days later this year, on the Day of the Dead. Just the kind of mashup we love! The … Read more

Back in the swing

As most of you know, we’ve cut back on our content production (i.e. how much we write) over the last year or so, as your fearless leader has been formulating some new plans and new programs, to be announced soon. The List is growing in multiple directions, and good things are in the works! Thank … Read more

A dynamic trio hits Groupmuse

Transatlantic Journey The Tritone ensemble, with soprano Harriet Fraser, clarinettist Amanda Walker and pianist Maria Demina are taking on the new(ish) Groupmuse platform to bring classical music to the house concert model. The nationwide (and more) website is lighting a fire under innovative musicians, and this group definitely fits that description. RSVP online and attend this unusual program that includes Schubert’s Shepherd on the … Read more

Register now for next Friday’s arts conference in the IE

October 4 — The Art of Women This unusual arts conference is FREE, and takes place in the Inland Empire next week. Even lunch is included! With a masterclass led by the wonderful Suzanna Guzmán, panel discussions and a variety of workshops during the day, this is a valuable opportunity to examine your own marketing, … Read more

Opera sprouts

This has been an interesting season, with genre-bending projects, choirs exploring a wider variety of thematic presentation than ever, and vocal types of all kinds giving some real thought to what they want to be doing… and in some cases, what they want to build.So the fact that we’ve seen debuts by several new opera companies … Read more

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