How do you talk about classical?

I’m spending a few days with family, and my clan enjoys the diversity of a lot of different musical tastes. We share a lot of things… but not a clear definition of what is “good music”. (It makes for some fun discussions.) Our pro-focused Facebook group has also engaged in some lively discussion recently about … Read more

Our version of winter

Southern California is weird. We know it’s winter when we need to wear slippers to wash the dishes. When we have to dust off our umbrellas and remind ourselves (and others) to drive more carefull in the rain. When coats and jackets are unearthed that our Midwestern cousins would openly mock for their lightness. While … Read more

Before the storm

This weekend lives in an atmosphere of celebration, as we celebrate the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike and all its effects on the local economy (as well as the many Listers who work as part of that union). We also mourn the dearly departed, as the seasonal tradition of Requiem performances continues after Halloween, All … Read more


In my large and surprisingly diverse family, being opinionated is the norm. I don’t think any of my relatives will quibble with this — in fact, many of them are proud of it, and see it as a sign of strength. So I grew up talking a lot, trying to be truthful and saying exactly … Read more

Summer schedule

We’re looking forward to the summer months, when we scale back some of our activities and amp up others. So as of this week, we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly publication schedule for Next7, as follows. This normally weekly newsletter publishes on Thursday or early Friday morning, depending on the demands and activities of the … Read more


The last couple of weeks have been full of drama, decisions, and a calendar packed with grand finales. (And I’m not just talking about Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maisel, Succession, and the like.) With so many presenters and ensembles wrapping up their season and graduations either done or looming, there’s a lot of au revoir in … Read more

We’re back

Very happy to return after a nerve injury had me sidelined for a few weeks. (Laptops like users to sit up, apparently.) Thanks to all for your patience, and for keeping the music going without me. There was plenty cheering from the sidelines! We’re heading into the last weeks of the classical season, and there … Read more

Energy burst

The official first day of spring is coming up this week, and California has felt like it’s experiencing a huge growth spurt. With so much rain (thank goodness) and more arts happenings taking place everywhere, the world seems to be charged with excitement, even as we continue to learn to live cautiously with COVID. Spring … Read more

Lent, weather and time flying

Something strange comes together this week, as the rain, snow, and hail bring much-needed precipitation (and flood alerts) to SoCal, often with surprises in tow — including the shocking realizations that not only are we already two months into 2023, Morten Lauridsen is celebrating his 80th birthday this year, with hopefully many to come. With … Read more

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