A $20 weapon against that dry, dry, dry air

This little item could have been designed for singers, especially in desert-y areas, as it can help alleviate problems associated with dry air, is extremely portable, and can be used with a variety of different containers. Drop it into a water bottle in your car, and voilà! Moisture on tap. Put it into a glass, … Read more

Classical streaming gets a much-needed boost

Could it be true?  The streaming of classical tuneage is on its way up. After the miserable failures of Pandora, Spotify and other major streaming services to properly curate and deliver classical music in a meaningful and useful way, a Berlin-based service called IDAGIO is changing the game, and is finally available in the US … Read more

Org your org with a colorful tech tool

I tripped over Airtable on Facebook the other day, and have been playing around with it to see if it might help small arts organizations do something that for many, seems very mysterious:  making sense of their staff structure.  It is, after all, the start of the new season, and plenty of folks in the … Read more

Phones at the opera

One of my favorite productivity bloggers took in his first opera this summer, as part of a trip to Prague. His thoughts on the amount of smartphone use during the outdoor performance sparked a few ponderings from the presenter’s perspective: The performing arts have all had to contend with the rise of new technology over the … Read more

New music gets space in the national spotlight

Big news this week includes the announcement of a centralized place to showcase your upcoming new music events.  New Music USA has announced it will provide Event Pages for the first time, and registered users can advertise their new music events for free, and make that information easily available to an international audience. SoCal violinist Movses … Read more

Are you part of the Spotify settlement?

Has your creation been streaming without your permission?  A pending court settlement involving Spotify, the international music streaming service, and a class action group could, if approved by the court, set aside more than $43 million in funds to compensate those whose work has been used without permission.  In short, the suit was raised, Spotify agreed … Read more

Audio eggs: More than one basket, please!

Soundcloud is having a spot of rather notable trouble, with layoffs of 173 of their employees and full closure of their San Francisco and London offices.  The audio platform launched in Berlin in 2008, and it’s seen phenomenal growth, on and off, ever since.  While it is most often hailed as an online hub for … Read more

Arts tech: Recent news in apps, web and a traveling wonder

Tech is everywhere, of course, and although most of the innovations that jump out at us from day to day tend to be on the entertainment, problem-solving and lifestyle side, it’s clear that Silicon Valley and their ilk haven’t forgotten those of us in the creative realm.  Here are a few new things that caught … Read more

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