Kate Bass travels through music with “Songs of the Open Road”

Two of the hallmarks of a great singerpreneur are versatility and gumption, and we especially love it when our Listers go out and build original projects that show off those very traits. This week brings a new album from one of those remarkable members — the copper-topped Kate Bass, whose background includes top-level vocal training at Mannes, the … Read more

International Tabletop Day — it’s for us, too

Board games have enjoyed a serious resurgence in the last few years, and whether it’s a genuine anti-tech reaction or a simple swing of the entertainment pendulum, it’s bringing people together in new and old ways. Today, April 29, is International Tabletop Day, and classical music fans shouldn’t feel left out:  there are always the requisite customized … Read more

After the gobble: Holiday marketing and the arts

In case you’ve been completely ignoring us, you’re probably aware that Lauri’s List does offer a few special discounts on memberships, events and services during the annual post-Thanksgiving extravaganza.  This shopping-crazed weekend has grown enormously since the internet changed marketing so profoundly.  Not including the actual day of Thanksgiving (where we hope you ate well and … Read more

Arts tech: Recent news in apps, web and a traveling wonder

Tech is everywhere, of course, and although most of the innovations that jump out at us from day to day tend to be on the entertainment, problem-solving and lifestyle side, it’s clear that Silicon Valley and their ilk haven’t forgotten those of us in the creative realm.  Here are a few new things that caught … Read more

Bandit chic has arrived… with health in mind

No, you are not being held up. Singers are particularly conscious of the risks that come with travel, even if that’s just traveling around town.  Although we’re not aware of a vocalist-specific study, it’s easy to believe that our community contains a higher incidence of germophobia and hypochondria than the rest of the population, but … Read more

Never leave home without them

Your business cards, that is.  The card you should always have at your fingertips is one that shows name title phone number email address No more excuses You never know when you’ll find a bona fide chance to make an impression, and you certainly don’t want to be remembered for not having a card handy. … Read more

Breaking out: 10 ways to unleash your silly self

A recent #quoteoftheweek has lingered with us, as creative remedies to overly serious tendencies seem to be everywhere, leaving folks feeling trapped by life’s daily realities.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or followed by a dark cumulus, one of these fun activities and resources may help pull you out of your own head so you can … Read more

DIY one-of-a-kind gifts, one aria at a time

This little guy’s so cute that he flouts some of my personal rules about music-encrusted objets d’”art”. Like a lot of musicians, I tend to hate cutesy gift shop items plastered with gratuitous musical symbols.  As the merch industry has proven over and over, slapping a treble or bass clef on a set of salt … Read more

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