Acoustic time

As many classical musicians are currently finding themselves thrust into the online world, they are also learning recording skills at varying speeds. If you haven’t started learning about home recording, we’d suggest you get going. Part of all of that is coming to terms with acoustics and their principles in new and more specific ways. … Read more

LAO + tech = opera simulcasts!

Are you really NOT a fan of your car? Love opera, but don’t want to drive downtown? Westside and South Bay residents will have options on September 28, as they’ll be able to attend one of two live simulcasts of LA Opera’s new production of La Bohème. Admission is free, and it’s a very good … Read more

What flashes better than fireworks?

Did you know that our website was launched on Independence Day? While the List has been around in various forms since Dec 2002, the actual website and membership model were “born” on the 4th of July. In honor of that, we’re celebrating this day with a three-day FLASH SALE for Listers who join with an … Read more

New CD from St. James in the City

One of LA’s most respected church music programs turns out spectacular music year after year, but you usually have to journey to the border between Hancock Park and Koreatown to hear it. While that’s not so terrible, wouldn’t it be better to have a little piece of St. James’ of your very own? The Episcopal News announced … Read more

A $20 weapon against that dry, dry, dry air

This little item could have been designed for singers, especially in desert-y areas, as it can help alleviate problems associated with dry air, is extremely portable, and can be used with a variety of different containers. Drop it into a water bottle in your car, and voilà! Moisture on tap. Put it into a glass, … Read more

Org your org with a colorful tech tool

I tripped over Airtable on Facebook the other day, and have been playing around with it to see if it might help small arts organizations do something that for many, seems very mysterious:  making sense of their staff structure.  It is, after all, the start of the new season, and plenty of folks in the … Read more

Reading List: the Pacific Symphony blog

Being part of the classical community means staying in touch, so you know who’s doing what, which performances can’t be missed, where the trends are, and even who you’d like to audition for. While the List exists for a lot of these reasons (and thank you for reading us), additional sources will offer perspective that … Read more

12 reasons to become an Associate Member

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re offering our annual to-do for Black Friday:  starting Thanksgiving evening and extended to midnight on Cyber Monday, we’ll offer very special, never-again-available deals on Lauri’s List memberships, advertising, services, and coaching.  It’s a most excellent time to invest in yourself as an artist, and in your community, and … Read more

Summer gems: A favorite recipe for the heat

Let’s just jump in and state the obvious: it’s really hot. This time of year tends to be a long, relatively silent slog into the heart of summer, when music events are fewer, more often outdoors and an intended reprieve from the grind. Our own series, unSUNg: Songs Uncommon and New, starts July 30, and … Read more

Kate Bass travels through music with “Songs of the Open Road”

Two of the hallmarks of a great singerpreneur are versatility and gumption, and we especially love it when our Listers go out and build original projects that show off those very traits. This week brings a new album from one of those remarkable members — the copper-topped Kate Bass, whose background includes top-level vocal training at Mannes, the … Read more

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