Happy inauguration day

It’s been a tumultuous year, and this presidential election has been one of the most divisive in history.  Due to the diverse nature of the Listerhood, we tend to shy away from political issues on this blog. But with the broad statements and aggressive agendas being released by the new Trump administration that deeply affect … Read more

4 nonprofit myths artists should abandon, pronto

It’s safe to say that Lauri’s List is a fairly unique endeavor, and it leads to some interesting conversations as the Team and I traverse the wilds of SoCal.  One of the topics that comes up quite regularly is that of nonprofit (tax-exempt) status, and I’ve been fascinated by the opportunity to observe current attitudes … Read more

Jobs and artists, Part 4: Benefits & advantages of the day job

We’ve looked at the market, the struggle, and the reality that many talented, legitimate performers may need to maintain a more steady income than freelance performance can provide.  But also, consider the fact that a regular job may offer both clear and less obvious advantages. Of course, the money helps. But the multitude of benefits … Read more

Jobs and artists, Part 2: Market realities

As we pointed out last week (amid a storm of opinions and frustration over the current arts job market), times are tough for classical music.  But this isn’t actually anything new — times are often tough for artists, and the only way to cope for the long-term is to know what’s going on, plan ahead, … Read more

Jobs and artists, Part 1: A hard look at the future

The web has been abuzz with woe in recent days, fretting over the state of the arts’ job market.  The Paris merger has caused a huge stir.  The Green Bay Symphony has sung its swan song, with hundreds of tickets unsold for their final concert.  Chicago Classical Review reported on Monday that another Midwestern orchestra, … Read more

Regular magic time

When I first moved to Southern California, I was married to a very talented young magician, and we set about building our respective networks, working all kinds of gigs, and meeting all sorts of new people.  I wasn’t in his act, but often helped book gigs, wrangle animals, play roadie, etc.  As the new kids … Read more

The arts and the pendulum

One of our clients reminded me the other day that while support for the arts may be struggling now, there will likely be an upturn again in the future — perhaps even when we’re all beyond the beyond. The truth is, most things in life are cyclical, whether it be fashion or economics or foodie … Read more

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