A single affirmation can reveal your own truth

Most of my private clients know how much affirmations have helped me and so many of the artists I’ve worked with. While this practice, for some, smacks of Pollyanna thinking or crystal-fueled hokeyism, it is simply a practice that can retrain thinking and increase focus.  And for those who practice affirmations regularly, it works, not … Read more

Why Seth rocks

We’re talking about neither Rogen nor MacFarlane, although they both have their moments. Seth Godin, as some of our readers know, has created a huge worldwide following — more than just about any other “marketing guru” — because his blog and books are unique, building a voice that is distinctly his own.  He’s a strong, … Read more

Two events to expand your network

There are lots of ways to meet new people and build new relationships, for your career and for artistic inspiration.  Two proven, time-tested methods stay at the top of the list: Show up Learn skills The more people see you, the more your name and your work will stick in their minds.  The stronger your … Read more

Nov 1st!! Free workshops streamed monthly from CMA’s NY HQ

First Tuesday Sessions are presented by Chamber Music America on the first Tuesday of the month (October–June) from 3:00 – 5:00PM Eastern, unless otherwise noted. November’s session is Tuesday, November 1 Join us tomorrow for Embracing Risk: Next Steps for Mid-Career Artists with Jennifer Wright Cook, executive director of The Field. She’ll discuss the importance … Read more

Doldrums are a time to grow

You’ve probably heard “don’t waste the summer”, or something like it, from teachers and others during your life.  While musicians don’t exactly get a summer vacation, it does tend to be a season of difference, with more time to read, take a class, start a new habit, or learn a new role or skill.  Now … Read more

LA Vocal Lab returns (and then some) in July

UPDATED:  The application deadline for 2015 has been changed to July 1st.  Click here to submit your application In late 2013, a few of us got together with a vision: esteemed tenor and voice teacher John Duykers and pianist/coach diva Lisa Sylvester contacted me with a great idea:  a summer program that was short, affordable … Read more

Workshops return this summer

UPDATED:  Due to health and other issues, our summer workshops had to be canceled.  (Humph.)  But we’ll be back – keep an eye on the Workshops page on the site! We’ve had our workshops on hiatus for a while, so formats can be tweaked and approaches refined.  But with the ever-evolving arts landscape challenging artists … Read more

Conductor’s arrival in LA is a boon to local singers

Peter Mark is a familiar name in American opera and beyond, building respected opera companies in Virginia and conducting for an array of other entities here and abroad.  He is Artistic Director Emeritus of Virginia Opera, and was key to getting Lyric Opera Virginia, which started in 2011, launched and off the ground.  Now, he … Read more

Why some singers get hired…and others don’t

by guest blogger Peter Mark — Opera conductor, coach, master class teacher; Artistic Director Emeritus, Virginia Opera The biggest question that resonates widely among emerging and well-prepared singers all over the country is — “Why do some singers get hired, instead of others – who often possess better voices and preparation?” This has got to … Read more

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