Entitlement and worthiness

We see a lot of entitlement in the arts:  people who have been told, probably many, many times, that their talent is exceptional, and that their career is at hand. Support is a good thing, but when it is not combined with a person’s own hard work and humility, it can become a toxic force that … Read more

A single affirmation can reveal your own truth

Most of my private clients know how much affirmations have helped me and so many of the artists I’ve worked with. While this practice, for some, smacks of Pollyanna thinking or crystal-fueled hokeyism, it is simply a practice that can retrain thinking and increase focus.  And for those who practice affirmations regularly, it works, not … Read more

Love… you!

On this day of hearts, flowers, candy, romance and general touchy-feely merriment, I have one message, which applies to all: Do something to remind yourself of your own worth today.   It’s so wonderful to focus on others, and to give them love and support.  It helps to remind us of the areas where we can … Read more

Healthy prevention

Freelancers often sideline basic life tasks, in the face of constant overwhelm. But with cold & flu season looming, now is a great time to get prepared, so you’ll be ready for anything: Of course we’re not healthcare pros, and these are examples rather than specific recommendations.  The real recommendation is simply this:  take care … Read more

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