Group Coaching goes monthly

We started it last year, and our Group Coaching program has been a fascinating experience. I could throw a lot of marketing hype at you, but with the proliferation of “coaches” in today’s world, I’d rather paint a picture. What we do here is a little different: Imagine 4 to 6 people in a Zoom … Read more

Ready to dive back in?

In honor of all the re-opening excitement and the summer rebirth opportunity that faces us all, we’re again offering our “Using This Time” intro webinar on three separate dates in July. This is just the kick in the butt that some of you will need, particularly if you’re feeling a little lost and unfocused when … Read more

Recap: News you mighta missed, 12/6/20 edition

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap. Things to know It seems almost impossible that you might have missed this memefest entirely, but it seems clear that Christmas decor manufacturers may be considering a more careful look at the music notation they include in their tchotchkes. Facebook and … Read more

New online series starts 6/13

Starting next month, the List will be hosting a series of online discussions around various topics that are relevant to classical vocal pros. We’ll welcome different guests for each episode, welcoming a variety of perspectives and including as many questions as we can from our live attendees, as well as accepting questions submitted in advance. … Read more

One more schmooze for end-of-season

It’s been a big year, and we’re winding things up before summer with a schmooze at one of the Listers’ favorite watering holes:  Islands Restaurant in Pasadena, just next to Arclight at Paseo Colorado.  This place is known for creative burgers, fish tacos, fantastic fries and options for just about whatever diet you’re following. How … Read more

Two events to expand your network

There are lots of ways to meet new people and build new relationships, for your career and for artistic inspiration.  Two proven, time-tested methods stay at the top of the list: Show up Learn skills The more people see you, the more your name and your work will stick in their minds.  The stronger your … Read more

Next gathering — Schmooze with us in Pasadena on 11/14

We need a fall fling! Schedules are packed, but take a little break with us before the holiday craziness fully settles in.  Join us Monday, November 14, and the wonderful True Food Kitchen in Pasadena (pictured above).  This restaurant chain is rapidly growing a devoted following for their creative, delicious and health-conscious menu that has something … Read more

Workshops are back — Make this your summer of growth

We do many things at the List, including creating specially targeted seminars and workshops for independent artists, so our members and community supporters can grow beyond the norm.  These business-minded workshops target specific skills that will help participants reach further and stay in the game longer, building a clear vision of what they want and … Read more

Here’s to a very schmoozy 2016 (UPDATED)

Do you schmooze?   Probably, whether you know it or not:  this marvelous word simply means to mingle, connect, or even to hobnob.  (Choose your favorite!) In the Listerhood, we use the moniker for the networking gatherings we host several times a year, giving our members and guests a chance to meet, catch up, share ideas … Read more

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