New enews, *With, makes its debut

It’s here!  The first issue of our new email newsletter, *With, was sent out today, and will keep readers posted about Lister events, featured training opportunities and other local happenings that can help you learn and connect with colleagues and community members.  (Opps to “hang with”, “learn with”, and more!)  This newsletter is free and … Read more

Call for schedules — Christmas 2012

With all the rehearsing and other holiday activities, churches often forget to share their schedules with us when Christmas comes around each year.  Next week we’d like to again feature a list of special services for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in our Next 7 newsletter, so our readers can plan their family activities accordingly. … Read more

Changes at Sinai

The grapevine is all abuzz, and I’d like to take a moment to clarify a situation that has blossomed into controversy over the past couple of weeks. Many of you have heard through channels that staffing changes are taking place at Sinai Temple in Westwood, effective at the start of the calendar year.  At one of … Read more

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