An announcement about our community review program

We have shared this announcement with our reviewer team, a group on long hiatus due to…well, you know. But we must announce to all that we’re putting our Community Review Program on hiatus, perhaps permanently. As this has been just part of our ongoing coverage of the arts, let’s explain: While arts orgs are hesitantly … Read more

New “deal” this year

That’s a lot of empty seats. And those seats have affected all of this year, which is why, in case you haven’t noticed, we didn’t do a set a Black Friday promotions this year. I’m very grateful to those of you who have kept your memberships going this year. If you haven’t been able to, … Read more

New online series starts 6/13

Starting next month, the List will be hosting a series of online discussions around various topics that are relevant to classical vocal pros. We’ll welcome different guests for each episode, welcoming a variety of perspectives and including as many questions as we can from our live attendees, as well as accepting questions submitted in advance. … Read more

WWD: Memberships

The arts are experiencing their own type of climate change, and it’s a shift as jarring and treacherous as frost in April. While many of us saw that the COVID-19 pandemic would bring great change to the performing arts, few understood how far or how long the restrictions would extend. But we shall prevail. Now … Read more

WWD: An overview

In the interest of transparency, this post must start with a very personal tone, aka “it’s all about me”. But don’t worry — we’ll get back to all of you right quick. It has taken about three weeks for me to get my own life and current situation identified and dealt with, so while most … Read more

Leap Day Homework

Did you know that “Leap Day”, that extra day that comes every four years and creates a 29th day for February, is also Rossini’s birthday? We must celebrate!, even if it’s not all in the same place. Unfortunately, a variety of factors (including flu worries, venue issues and more) have brought us to one conclusion: … Read more

A day (almost) about a bird

We jest, of course. Thanksgiving isn’t about what’s in the oven or what’s on the table — or even what isn’t on the table, depending on your poultry-related views. It’s actually one of our more profound and meaningful holidays, whether you’re spending it with family, friends, coworkers or just yourself. Over the centuries since Pilgrims … Read more

Black Friday “on demand”

This post has been UPDATED to include a deal for Associate memberships, and a slightly new deadline. Please Contact us if you have any questions. While we’ve offered a different selection of special deals for the days surrounding Thanksgiving this year, we’ve decided to take a different approach for 2019. Dealing by request this year … Read more

Seasons greetings! (The other kind)

While Halloween itself isn’t necessarily a huge working holiday for vocal types, the days after Halloween are actually quite busy for local churches. Watch out for carefully rehearsed requiems of all sorts — even the Franken-kind! See one of the CCMN selections below… There are quite a few events in this arena on our calendar, and more in … Read more

Back in the swing

As most of you know, we’ve cut back on our content production (i.e. how much we write) over the last year or so, as your fearless leader has been formulating some new plans and new programs, to be announced soon. The List is growing in multiple directions, and good things are in the works! Thank … Read more

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