A day (almost) about a bird

We jest, of course. Thanksgiving isn’t about what’s in the oven or what’s on the table — or even what isn’t on the table, depending on your poultry-related views. It’s actually one of our more profound and meaningful holidays, whether you’re spending it with family, friends, coworkers or just yourself. Over the centuries since Pilgrims … Read more

Black Friday “on demand”

This post has been UPDATED to include a deal for Associate memberships, and a slightly new deadline. Please Contact us if you have any questions. While we’ve offered a different selection of special deals for the days surrounding Thanksgiving this year, we’ve decided to take a different approach for 2019. Dealing by request this year … Read more

Seasons greetings! (The other kind)

While Halloween itself isn’t necessarily a huge working holiday for vocal types, the days after Halloween are actually quite busy for local churches. Watch out for carefully rehearsed requiems of all sorts — even the Franken-kind! See one of the CCMN selections below… There are quite a few events in this arena on our calendar, and more in … Read more

Back in the swing

As most of you know, we’ve cut back on our content production (i.e. how much we write) over the last year or so, as your fearless leader has been formulating some new plans and new programs, to be announced soon. The List is growing in multiple directions, and good things are in the works! Thank … Read more

Lots goin’ on

We’re playing a little catch-up after the holiday weekend, which brought us quite a few new announcements! Our Pro members should check out the plethora and variety of positions advertised on the Board, and everyone can see what’s up on the Open Calls board. (Did we miss something? Send it to us now!) More news … Read more

What flashes better than fireworks?

Did you know that our website was launched on Independence Day? While the List has been around in various forms since Dec 2002, the actual website and membership model were “born” on the 4th of July. In honor of that, we’re celebrating this day with a three-day FLASH SALE for Listers who join with an … Read more

Riot redux: How exciting are YOUR events?

The WQXR blog (one of my favorites) dipped into a question yesterday about the legend of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring debut. If you’ve ever taken a class about 20th century music, you’ve probably heard the tale:  boos screamed, cat-calls shouted, musicians, dancers and concertgoers afraid for their safety… My favorite bit was something about one audience … Read more

Content hiatus: Cooking up a storm

There are big things cooking, and you’ve seen a few of them already:  our new Vocal Events Calendar is humming along, and spreading the word. (Have you submitted your events yet? Look for the button at the top of the calendar page!) We’ve redesigned our e-newsletters, we’re revamping unSUNg, we’ve expanded our advertising options, and … Read more

New calendar, new day for Next 7

We’re moving! If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve probably seen our new Vocal Events Calendar , serving the astoundingly diverse classical vocal world in Southern California. Did you know… that you can Submit Events through the handy button at the top of the page? that the new calendar makes it easy for you … Read more

Wouldn’t you like to be a Lister too?

It’s spring, and everything is growing! That means Lauri’s List, too — as we have big plans for the coming season! That means we need all the support we can get, so we can build and grow to support the classical vocal community in bigger and better ways: more events and concerts, bigger connections, services … Read more

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