Happy April Fool’s Day!

I thought hard about doing a fake article or other prank today, but aside from the time that I just haven’t had time this week (see below!), the whole concept has had me thinking even harder. After the year we’ve all been through, levity is good. But is fooling each other equally good? Maybe not. … Read more

Are you decorating yet?

Prepping for our upcoming unSUNg concert, a very multicultural affair, Ariel and I have been exploring a number of ways that people celebrate different parts of December. It’s also led to no small bit of nostalgia. When I was growing up, my mother bought two gorgeous cross stitch Advent calendars as kits in Solvang, each … Read more

Traditional sappy Thanksgiving post

This holiday is about important things. While its meaning is too often expressed with the same old words, those words themselves mean a lot. So in a year that has been fraught with additional challenges for performers and companies and support organizations and everybody else in the arts, here’s a little happyrant about the things … Read more

Leap Day Homework

Did you know that “Leap Day”, that extra day that comes every four years and creates a 29th day for February, is also Rossini’s birthday? We must celebrate!, even if it’s not all in the same place. Unfortunately, a variety of factors (including flu worries, venue issues and more) have brought us to one conclusion: … Read more

Old Rock Day

We’re going to explore some unusual holidays this year, and while Old Rock Day isn’t officially about music, we’re hijacking it to share a video of one of the earliest examples of the rise of rock ‘n roll: the 1944 gem from Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “Strange Things Happen Every Day“: Of course, there may be … Read more

Here stands the grove

Sometimes, we post pictures just because they’re pretty. That’s where this one started, but it’s also a reminder of what the Listerhood is all about. We are, after all, at least somewhat like a grove of trees: widely varied, but joined by our sameness. Dependent on one another, and standing together to take on whatever … Read more

You deserve a cookie… and your own holiday!

Our Listers are the rock stars of Christmas. They sing, they organize, they play, they conduct, they entertain. They make the holidays brighter and merrier because they work so hard and offer up a boatload of talent to put under our trees and to surround us with seasonal sparkle. Now that the caroling, the concerts, … Read more

Groundhog Day

What does February 2nd have to do with classical music? Maybe nothing. Or maybe it’s a reminder to watch one of the funniest and most enduring films in many years. Maybe it’s a holiday designed for random distraction. Or maybe it’s just anĀ annual headline opp for large rodents. But it could be so much more … Read more

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