Bravos! Listers create news from the field…

This will eventually become a regular feature, but we’re carefully pondering the best format, and experimenting a bit — stay tuned!  For now, send congrats and good vibes to these, our Lister peeps: We’ve said our fond adieus to Kathleen Roland (right), her husband, Merrill Silverstein, and their daughter, Emma, as they find their way to … Read more

David Scott passes away after auto accident [Updated]

The music students and faculty at California State University at Northridge received a blow this weekend, as Dr. David W. Scott, their beloved and renowned teacher and opera director, died of injuries caused by a car accident that took place on July 29.  Although a memorial service is planned, no date has yet been set. … Read more

LA’s best voices show their brassy stuff

Hollywood is home to a vocal project that is drawing drawing bona fide excitement from fans and performers alike:  Singers Elite‘s Vocal Big Band” has deconstructed the classic sound of a 40s-style jazz engine, replacing the horns and strings with… singers!  The sound is surprising, even magnetic, and is creating a buzz across the industry. … Read more

Alex Ruggieri, 1952-2012

Alexander Frank Ruggieri was a man of talent, passion and presence.  With a keen mind, a sincere and abiding love of great music, and a booming bass voice, he was an imposing figure that housed sharp wit and a kind heart.  He was well-known in Southern California and well beyond, as his tenacity and deep knowledge … Read more

Young singers get a first glimpse

[From guest blogger and Lister, Lisa Wall-Urgero] It’s true, I am absolutely biased. I hold an unfair prejudice for California Lutheran University’s Summer Vocal Institute – affectionately referred to by its faculty and alum as CLUSVI (and pronounced “CLUES-vee”). But as a charter faculty member and principal pianist, I have, you see, earned the right … Read more

Lister composer gets special honor from American Prize committee

Sometimes a work stands out so well that it deserves its own category. That was the decision of the folks who dole out the 2012 American Prize for Orchestral Composition 2012, when they reviewed Trotzky’s Train by our own David Avshalomov. David has been awarded a Special Judges’ Citation for Unique Artistic Achievement and Distinctive … Read more

Lister Lost: Pazzi Bohnenkamp

Pazzi Bohnenkamp was a longtime Lister and friend, soprano (who also sang alto), cantor for Catholic mass, choral contractor for Wise Temple, baseball junkie, pet sitter extraordinaire, and Giver in general.  After a tough battle with skin cancer several years ago, Pazzi appeared to have been in remission, but a recent recurrence resulted in her … Read more

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, age 86

Father of modern art song performance, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau dies at 86 His recordings are still the starting point for the study of many German song cycles.  He is one of the major players in the resurrection of art song in the 20th century.  Thank you, sir, for your inspiration and commitment to artistic excellence.  The … Read more

RIP Salvatore Licitra, tenor

We occasionally provide a sort of link round-up of memoria and obituaries when the online press is particularly focused on the loss of one prominent musician. Recent episodes of this have included eminent composers Milton Babbitt and Peter Lieberson, and although we choose the subjects of these round-ups based on ever-evolving criteria, this incident is quite unusual in … Read more

Zimerman begs the question: Where is the place for performer activism?

It only happened Sunday night, but the press is already in a tizzy.  Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman took a quiet stand before his Disney Hall performance, announcing that his debut in that space may also be his last performance there:  he is boycotting US performances due to his frustration with our country’s military actions overseas.  … Read more

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