Taking LA’s new music scene into a bright future

Composer group’s new pilot project feeds on existing and rekindled enthusiasm. An invited steering committee of about forty artists met in Pasadena on Saturday 10/29, in the first of what will hopefully be a string of open, visionary discussions hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the American Composers Forum (ACF-LA).  This event is the … Read more

“Keep us posted about what you’re doing…”

This post is aimed primarily at our current full members.  But the rest of you should take note, too… The title of this post must be one of my most oft-repeated phrases in my emails to our full members.  And as much as it has become ingrained into my fingers, it’s not just form letter boilerplate. … Read more

Pairing great music with life’s other good things

In Los Angeles, many of us are transplants, bred elsewhere and bringing good things to create new combinations in Southern California.  This is evident in the rich diversity that thrives here:  we see it in language, fashion, certainly in our food, and yes — in all forms of music and how it is experienced. Kala Maxym is … Read more

Doldrums are a time to grow

You’ve probably heard “don’t waste the summer”, or something like it, from teachers and others during your life.  While musicians don’t exactly get a summer vacation, it does tend to be a season of difference, with more time to read, take a class, start a new habit, or learn a new role or skill.  Now … Read more

POP’s Trekkie take on Mozart coming to the Ford Amphitheatre in September

No one should “boldly go” just once.  For the folks at Pacific Opera Project, their Star Trek-themed Abduction from the Seraglio is getting major play this summer, with an outing at the newly rehabbed Ford Amphitheatre in the Cahuenga Pass. The parody production got raves for creativity when it premiered in NoHo in March 2015, … Read more

Two choral conductors become bloggers for a year

A new blog from baton-wielders Krishan Oberoi and Kirsten Shetler will discuss various issues about “choral leadership, arts administration, musical integrity, and more” over the coming year, and their endeavor is well worth checking out: Unchoir Your Choir Many of us know Krishan as the founder and director of San Diego’s excellent ensemble SACRA/PROFANA, of … Read more

LA Vocal Lab returns (and then some) in July

UPDATED:  The application deadline for 2015 has been changed to July 1st.  Click here to submit your application In late 2013, a few of us got together with a vision: esteemed tenor and voice teacher John Duykers and pianist/coach diva Lisa Sylvester contacted me with a great idea:  a summer program that was short, affordable … Read more

CD release: Brian Asawa and Diana Tash, ‘Spirits of the Air’

Countertenor Brian Asawa and mezzo-soprano Diana Tash met at LA Opera in 1995, and discovered a musical and personal connection that sparked collaborative magic.  That connection has grown and evolved into what is now known as The Baroque Project, allowing the duo to perform together all over, with their very personal interpretations of exquisite Baroque … Read more

Listers afar: Notes from Wolf Trap

Tracy Cox, a former Lister and fabulous soprano now traveling far and wide with her talents, soloed last night at Wolf Trap for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and shared some salient thoughts on Facebook about that work and ultimately, about why we sing.  With her permission, we share them here, in the hope that it will … Read more

Project report: Massenet’s ‘Thérèse’ comes to light

by Kevin St. Clair Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience:  you hear a recording or performance of a little-known opera and find yourself enchanted by the beauty and power of the music.  You ask yourself why this piece isn’t better known, why opera companies have neglected it – and you wonder if there’s something you … Read more

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