Groupmuse: One artist’s experience

As a platform that helps ensembles create home concert experiences for a broader audience, Groupmuse has had our attention for awhile. One of our longtime Listers, soprano and SAG-AFTRA member Harriet Fraser, tells of her experience last year with the groupmuse model. Learn more on their website: Love at first sight A composer friend … Read more

Speak up now about AB5

Echoing an important Facebook post here today. (You’ve Liked us on Facebook, right?) It’ll speak for itself: Want to learn more? There are lots of ways to get involved, and online groups that are sharing stories and organizing discussions. This group, the California Independent Music Professionals United, includes a whole lotta Listers already, and is … Read more

Opera Buffs visit the “other” Cinderella this weekend

It’s a celebrated opera from one of our most beloved fairy tales. But Rossini’s La Cenerentola doesn’t get performed very often. In fact, our own local powerhouse, LA Opera, hasn’t done it in their history of more than forty years. So when homegrown artists get to show off how much they’ve grown and join forces … Read more

New company, new take on ‘Carmen’

When “remake” is a good thing… Director Carson Gilmore has proven his creative instincts with an array of other companies locally, and has long been looking to start his own troupe. With a well-received and ambitious black box production of Bellini’s difficult and gender-bending I Capuleti e i Montecchi a couple of years ago, the then-named Hawkmore Lyric Opera … Read more

A choir of a different color: Interview with Anne Marie Ketchum

We recently had a sit-down with Verdi Chorus director Anne Marie Ketchum, in anticipation of their upcoming concerts on November 16 & 17. After more than 30 years, this choir is still growing, with a unique mission and an unusual setup. Here’s the interview: LDG: With so many choirs in Southern California, how is Verdi … Read more

Composer becomes direct publisher: An interview with Amy Gordon

Lauri had an in-depth chat with Lister composer Amy Gordon, who has recently launched a fully functional store on her website. You can peruse and listen to her compositions as well as purchase as many copies as you need. It’s beautifully built, well-designed and an excellent example of how musicians can take sales into their … Read more

Long Beach church announces new community choir

Community choirs have a special place in any local arts landscape: they not only present musical events that are often accessible and fun, but they get local music lovers genuinely engaged and involved with others, offering individuals of all sorts an opportunity to broaden their horizons, meet and work with new people, and build bonds … Read more

Register now for next Friday’s arts conference in the IE

October 4 — The Art of Women This unusual arts conference is FREE, and takes place in the Inland Empire next week. Even lunch is included! With a masterclass led by the wonderful Suzanna Guzmán, panel discussions and a variety of workshops during the day, this is a valuable opportunity to examine your own marketing, … Read more

Three wishes for wide-eyed spring

“Three Wishes” — Southern California Vocal Events LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlightsfrom the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter (CCMN) How do you feel about fish and other aquatic creatures? Are you at your very best in sea air and salty ocean spray? First up this week, a concert-length premiere from CHORAL ARTS INITIATIVE, as “Voyaging” by … Read more

Three wishes: Where I’d like to be this week

“Three Wishes” — Southern California Vocal Events LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlightsfrom the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter Feeling a little green this week? Avoid the pinch with the wearing of the Kelly on Sunday, as everyone’s a wee bit Irish this time of year. But with or without the oddly-hued beer, there’s also loads of … Read more

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