US composers get a peek at L.A.’s new music scene

Thanks to LA composer and clarinettist Alicia Byer,  LA’s active new music community got some cyberink this month, with a series of articles on NewMusic Box — the blog for the American Composers Forum. “Whither Los Angeles looks at the growing influence of a few of our local ensembles, the cultural elements that make this an … Read more

What keeps you in the game?

Three recent articles seem to be circling around the same theme:  stick-to-it-iveness.  This is essential for any artist, of course, as the road to success is rarely easy, and a candidate for greatness needs to not only “have it” but must also really want it to survive the slog to the top, or even to the middle. “How … Read more

Is the classical snoozing urge swathed in a double standard?

On Monday, Slate‘s J. Bryan Lowder addressed two attitudes about classical music that seem to be in conflict:  if it’s considered terrible to fall asleep at a concert, then why is it OK to use classical tunes to soothe yourself to sleep? Read his thoughts here:  “Sonata-Allegro Snooze“, 12/7/15 It’s a rather simplistic question, of course, … Read more

Music and sports: More in common than the national anthem

Three news stories about classical musicians shared an unusual element this week: Singers talk about vocal health and maintenance constantly… in general. But when it comes to admitting a malady, an injury or any condition that could affect availability, those same performers may go mute about their own condition. Apparently it’s not just us.  This … Read more

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