Real life, more musical

Two very original chamber operastaken from actual events What’s Next? started as an upstart project in 2008, founded by two USC grads. But in just a few years, this group has gained ground, developed strong relationships across town and beyond genre boundaries, and they’re presenting some of the most intriguing musical events in town. This … Read more

Lister Review: ‘Sacred’ with Metropolitan Master Chorale

On April 1st the Metropolitan Master Chorale christened their new Los Angeles Theatre Center home with a concert titled “Sacred”. The concert was performed in conjunction with the Valley Symphony Orchestra and a host of guest artists were featured in new works. Getting to LATC was easy. Parking was even easier. The facility is noteworthy, … Read more

Very eclectic passions

Diverse traditions of sacred joy Passion Week is here, and in a marked departure from the usual Easter fare, the Metropolitan Master Chorale has prepared a concert matching traditional and new music, expanding boundaries for their audience as well as their members. The group is an impressive example of the vast diversity of LA’s singer … Read more

Gorgeous American

Angeles Chorale breaks its own mold Writers about American music have long hinted at a sort of national inferiority complex, as if our “serious” artistic wares don’t stack up to the hundreds of years of achievement by Western composers elsewhere. However, our own national traditions, newish as they may be, have withstood time’s tests, and … Read more

Singing the Leprechaun

Vox Femina celebrates St. Paddy with songs spun of gold Vox Femina Los Angeles is a women’s choral organization that is otherwise rather difficult to define. On a mission to sing great choral music and promote their beautifully high ideals (“to create a world that affirms the worth and dignity of every person”) in the … Read more

‘Zimbe!” from LRMC, 3/11/12

Los Robles Master Chorale Brings Africa to Thousand Oaks On March 11, Africa came to Thousand Oaks via Los Robles Master Chorale and Los Robles Children’s Choir, directed by Lesley Leighton (pictured right) and Donna Young, respectively. The program entitled “Zimbe! Songs of Africa” featured Zimbe by Alexander L’Estrange as well as Baroque and Romantic … Read more

Olé! beyond borders

Cross-genre performer explores other boundaries, through composers from Spain, France and Brazil Valencia Vas, known as “Heidi” to friends, makes chameleons look bland. Fully classically trained with impressive musical chops, acting ability and a devoted cadre of students, she steps in and out of genres with ease. After overcoming significant obstacles in her own life, … Read more

Opera by magic

Turning songs and story into performance gold With ‘Alchemy of Desire’, these fine and intrepid performers start with an old trunk and a lot of imagination, and craft an entertaining, very modern approach to opera and beyond. This pastiche show strings together diverse works by Massenet, Puccini, Lori Laitman, Libby Larsen, Weill, Glass and more. … Read more

With a capital “E”

  Recital gives “eclectic” label a meaningful workout We probably shouldn’t be surprised: a singer who is also a physicist seems more likely to embrace the mash-up in other areas of his life as well. This program from tenor Jeff Greif and pianist Twyla Meyer promises to be a good specimen of unorthodox thinking, and … Read more

Lister Review: ‘Die Fledermaus’ in Santa Monica

‘Die Fledermaus’ from Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera Feb 5, 2012 — Santa Monica by Coril Prochnow The Church at Ocean Park was sold out for the February 5th performance of Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera’s Die Fledermaus. There was only one empty chair left as Galina Barskaya began playing the overture to the operetta. As I … Read more

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