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First and foremost, Lauri’s List is an arts advocacy organization:  we exist to help and support artists and the organizations that hire them.  Our review program has grown directly from that mission.  So we often provide “friendly coverage” of a wide variety of events, services and products, including the occasional book, film, recording or even the latest tech gadget.  We’re not in the business of tearing performances and products to shreds, but our feedback is honest, and often enthusiastic.  Take a look around — you never know what you might find here.

In response to the FTC’s guidelines regarding online endorsements, here’s what you need to know about us:

  • We operate as a mainstream media (MSM) outlet, not as a personal blog.
  • Although there are some exceptions, it is safe to assume that free tickets have been provided to our reviewer(s) for concerts, opera and events, and that complimentary copies of books, recordings and other items have probably been provided prior to our posting a review.  This is standard industry practice.
  • Lauri’s List is a commercial affiliate of several other entities, including Amazon, Goldstar and others.  We may receive a very small reward if you make a purchase as a result of one of our “affiliate links” to third-party websites. Other disclosures will be added as needed, for clarity.

If you find a link that is unclear, wish to submit something for possible review, or have any questions about our content, please Contact us

Want to request an event review, or would you like to write for us?  To learn more or submit an online request for an upcoming event, go to

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