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872826_electric_bulb_1A singerpreneur knows that talent is just the first step.  Self-sufficient and adaptable, this thoroughly modern brand of artist knows that the career is a path, not a product.  That art can be made while business is taken care of.  It’s a lot to juggle, but life is never boring, and learning never stops.

This blog is run by and dedicated to the members of Lauri’s List, the online community for professionals in the classical vocal world:  singers, conductors, pianists, composers and more.  Based in Southern California, our jobs, training, contracting and PR services serve mainly the local community, but the site and the blog provide resources and support for vocalists and enthusiasts of all stripes, types, levels and geographical ilk.  However you choose to connect, we provide news and information via the main website and this Singerpreneur blog, as well as a variety of social media outlets:

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As you browse, you’ll find we offer a variety of types and styles of reviews on the site.  Please click here to learn more about our review program, policies and how to submit.  We encourage feedback on any of our posts to this blog, but be aware that all posts are moderated, and may be edited or omitted at the discretion of our exceedingly polite administrators.

Check us out, follow us, and do join us at one of our events if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area.  We look forward to meeting you!

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