How do you talk about classical?

I’m spending a few days with family, and my clan enjoys the diversity of a lot of different musical tastes. We share a lot of things… but not a clear definition of what is “good music”. (It makes for some fun discussions.)

Our pro-focused Facebook group has also engaged in some lively discussion recently about the obstacles that may keep non-pros from engaging with various types of classical music, and the whole thing has me thinking about what each of us can do day-to-day to find new listeners for what we do.

I would love to hear from all of you: please share tips and stories about how you talk about your music and your passion for what you do. Tell us about any outreach projects you’re interested in. Tell us about your own family and how you’ve helped them embrace your work. Tell us about conversations with neighbors, students, friends and others who might not try a classical concert or recording without a little encouragement. We’d love to hear from you, and will share selected thoughts on the blog.

See this week’s Next7 for a little inspiration, in the form of events where you can take a friend!

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