It’s coming

Our website platform for has a lot of automated things attached to it, and is a huge reason that the List has endured through COVID and over the last couple of years. One of those things sets up various reminders and processes for our admins, and today I saw one that made me hold my breath for a moment:

We are now just 90 days away from December 25th.

This brings to mind several realizations:

  • Caroling season is in full swing.
  • The year will be over before we know it.
  • A lot has happened this year!
  • “The holidays” will be hitting us with full force within days.
  • It will soon be time to dust off the themed storage boxes full of decorations and holiday whatnot.
  • The Listers, as a community, will be experiencing every possible emotion this holiday season.

Fall has long been my favorite season, as it brings “redhead weather” (when I can be outside for more than 10-15 minutes without increasing skin cancer risk), as well as plenty of excuses for scarves, hot drinks and warm socks. But it’s also the time of year when our members are likely to be juggling the most activities, with services, concerts, caroling, teaching deadlines, family commitments, and many days with multiple costume changes.

So I just want to take one of these last moments at the 90-day mark to wish you all well, be grateful for the increased activity that 2023 has brought, and to acknowledge the things that are going well. For those who are striking, struggling or generally frustrated, don’t be afraid to share those thoughts with your colleagues. You never know where help may be available, and the spirit of the season is, for us, something that can last for months, as we live with Christmas so much longer than the rest of the world. Relish the good stuff, Enjoy the goodies in moderation, and hug/help/heal a friend or two.

Happy season, everyone,

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