Beginning again

There’s something thrilling about the start of a new season. I’m certainly not the first to make note of that thrill, and won’t be the last to feel it. But this year, more than most, seems to be full of potential and genuine enthusiasm. As the arts grow strong again and creators and presenters make use of the enforced contemplation that has taken hold over the last few years, I’m hearing more gratitude than anxiety, and performers are talking about their upcoming gigs with the kind of excitement that has been missing for too long.

This week, for instance, maintains the summer vibe with one of the final classical concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, some lighter fare from ROC and the San Fernando Master Chorale, and yet brings a fun, back-to-school feeling as LAO resumes their zarzuela classes and POP hints at the holidays with an extension of “Hansel & Gretel”. This transitional feeling is accompanied by joyful descriptions of how happy people are to be getting back to work, and the stories from audience members seem to have an extra glow. This all bodes well in spite of ongoing strikes, which deserve serious attention — see the blog for our stance and support of both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. While this important fight continues, there are still good things to come.

Let’s make this the best season yet!

Originally published with Next7 – Vocal events thru 9/14/23

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