Recap as of 7/3/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form…
we could all use a good recap.

About this week

Apologies for the delay this week — we use Feedly to organize many of our curated articles for this feature, and that platform was down for about eight hours yesterday, so I finally had to get some sleep. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Independence Day, and the links below will help keep you in the loop and fully informed. There’s a discount from the LA Phil, a high-profile TV appearance by one of LA’s most respected choirs, the cancellation of an entire opera season in Oklahoma, and the emergence of the earliest known classical recording. The week is kind of a mish-mosh, but all the more fascinating for being so.

See you soon.

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The LA Phil has offered our readers a discount code for the upcoming (and Lister-filled) Verdi Requiem at the Hollywood Bowl, which will be performed one night only on Tuesday, July 11. If you’re not on our mailing list, this is one great reason to subscribe! Get details in today’s e-blast, which is available online:

Lister News

Social justice-centered choral ensemble TONALITY has been making new waves with a recent performance with Kelly Clarkson — here’s a recent post from artistic director Alexander Lloyd Blake… and you can read more about this project on their website:

Social justice-centered choral ensemble TONALITY has been making new waves with a recent performance with Kelly Clarkson — here’s a recent post from artistic director Alexander Lloyd Blake… and you can read more about this project on their website:

People & places

Today’s Top Composers Unanimously Crown JS Bach as the Greatest Composer of All TimeNewsMoi, 6/30/23

Bach was amazing… there’s no doubt about that. But this headline, which presupposes that ALL composers agree on anything and that the BBC is the sole arbiter of the list of the greatest living composers, almost made us laugh out loud. (Don’t worry, Bach fans — it’s the headline we’re quibbling with. The article is quite good!)

Hear the ‘first’ recording of classical music – an astonishing 1888 performance of a Handel oratorioClassic FM, 6/30/23

Etched onto a wax cylinder 135 years ago – this is the earliest known recording of classical music.

Riccardo Muti leaves the stage at the end of the Concert for Chicago; Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park (Chicago); June 27, 2023.

Riccardo Muti: ‘I don’t care about what’s politically correct, but about quality’El Pais, 7/3/23

The legendary Italian director reflects on the past, present, and future of classical music following his farewell concerts as conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

How György Ligeti soundtracked 2001, inspired Radiohead and composed music like ‘a knife through Stalin’s heart’The Guardian, 7/3/23

The Hungarian escaped two murderous regimes, wrote pieces to be played on metronomes and car horns, and depicted inner and outer space to Stanley Kubrick. Now, in his centenary year, the Proms will celebrate Ligeti’s genius

Reviews and Previews

The rootin’, tootin’, potato-gun shootin’ American composer who took modernism by the hornsThe Telegraph, 7/1/23

Charles Ives was a beacon to the likes of Stravinksy. A new recording by Orchestra New England celebrates his achievement (sub. req.)

For its centennial season, San Francisco Opera brought its very bestDatebook, 6/27/23

Too much fun

Mischievous cat repeatedly steals owner’s music stand during flute practiceClassic FM, 6/27/23

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny soundtrack: All the songs from John Williams’ nostalgia-fueled adventureClassic FM, 6/30/23

More links

Tulsa Opera cancels most of 2023-2024 season, general director resignsTulsa World, 6/24/23

Singing is good for you. Singing with others may be even better.Washington Post, 6/25/23

Brooklyn Academy of Music Lays Off 13 Percent of Its StaffNew York Times, 6/26/23

From Grace Jones to Madonna – why divas deserve to be difficultThe Collection, 6/26/23

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is Better?How-to Geek, 6/27/23

How Classical Musicians Move — And How It’s Woven Into Their PerformanceLudwig van Toronto, 6/27/23

What Opera Singers Gained, and Lost, Performing While PregnantNew York Times, 6/28/23

US music education has a history of anti-Blackness that is finally being confrontedThe Conversation, 6/28/23

Hooked on classics? But if you want to learn to play, you’d better be poshThe Guardian, 7/2/23

Exploring Urban Culture: The Impact of Classical Music on City LifeUrban Matters, 7/3/23

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