Recap as of 6/19/23: News you mighta missed

The world rarely arrives in sonata form… we could all use a good recap.

Why “Recap” is back

Longtime readers know that we’ve played with various ways of sharing arts-related news with you, and with varying degrees of success. While we know very well that our Listers have plenty of access to the news that affects their careers, we also know how hard it is to keep up. So we’re returning to a format that was borne out of COVID, with some little alterations for sustainability. (i.e. your editors don’t have all day to put this together. 😉)

As this is our first time back in awhile, we’re including a few links from further back than the last week to ten days, which will be our usual scope going forward. (We’ve been sitting on those for a bit.) Going forward, we’ll probably include more commentary and images as well as news from the Listerhood, but for now, we have links to share.

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People & places

John Adams | Credit: Margaretta Mitchell

Library of Congress to Preserve John Adams’s ManuscriptsSan Francisco Classical Voice, 6/20/23

“The Library of Congress could scarcely conjure a contemporary music collection that carries with it as much recognition and consequence as the manuscripts and papers of John Adams. We are proud to count the collection of Adams’s materials among our prized music treasures.”

The Poetry Uncut series opens UCLA’s Nimoy Theater in fall 2023 | Credit: Sven W. Frenzel

UCLA to Open New Performance Venue With a Bang in Fall 2023San Francisco Classical Voice, 6/20/23

With an active events calendar and not enough spaces, UCLA has long needed another mid-sized venue. Thanks to a generous grant from Susan Nimoy, wife of late actor and Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy, that dream becomes a reality this fall.

More links

What Is the Difference Between Equality and Equity? Here’s What You Need to Know.Entrepreneur, 6/19/23

What Happens When A.I. Enters the Concert HallThe New York Times, 6/10/23

Seven LGBTQ2+ Composers Who Changed Western Classical MusicLudwig Van Toronto, 6/7/23

George Waddell: On the Hidden Consequences of Music CompetitionsThe Bulletproof Musician, 6/4/23

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