Doing “less”

We speak of summer in the arts world as if it’s a period of hiatus, re-energizing, and downcycling. While all of that may be true in a sense, it’s also a time of ingenuity, rebirth and sometimes hectic scrambling to get ready for the next round. You may be part of an intensive training program. If you’re on the arts administration or presenting side, the summer months may feel more hectic than most, as it’s a short window of time that contains many deadlines that prepare your work for the entire next season.

If you’re feeling the doldrums, however, this is a good chance to get those “little” marketing things done that you’ve been putting off: update (or create) your website, rethink your emails and social media marketing, get new photographs or recordings so you can promote your work once the season starts… or just rethink your next steps in a very real way.

We’ll be offering some online Group Coaching sessions through the summer so our members can brainstorm together, and we hope you’ll take advantage of Monday’s schmooze and the other things we have coming up. While the arts season may be “over”, the List is certainly not taking much of a break. Stay tuned, and let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see!

PLEASE NOTE: Since the calendar does tend to be less full during the summer months, we are again moving to a double issue-based Summer publication schedule as of now. This was announced on the Singerpreneur blog earlier this week. Please make sure you get your events submitted early (now and always)!

Originally published as part of Next7 – Vocal events thru 7/6/23

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