The last couple of weeks have been full of drama, decisions, and a calendar packed with grand finales. (And I’m not just talking about Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maisel, Succession, and the like.) With so many presenters and ensembles wrapping up their season and graduations either done or looming, there’s a lot of au revoir in the air. For most, this week and next mark the passing of this artistic year and for others, the birth of the next (perhaps after a summer respite). To wit, we’ll cheer the many choral concerts, the three highly unusual chamber operas listed below, and the arts leaders in LA County who are coming together today to do some good. We also wish everyone playing to sold-out crowds in Ojai this weekend a terrific fest.

In some ways, it has been a relatively “normal” season, met with a collective sigh of relief. But there are also many signs of change in the arts environment – clear indications that our world is evolving rapidly. It’s likely to be a wild ride, but we’ll meet it with excitement, whatever shifts are necessary, and we’ll embrace the good. Looking forward to seeing it all.

Originally published in Next7 – Vocal events through 6/15/23

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