The arts season isn’t just about growth. It’s when we show off our very best, when organizations are looking ahead and culminating at the same time. The surge of activity, before the summer doldrums, can leave performers and audiences on a high, and we ride that momentum through the hotter months. And all of that is happening right now.

Here’s to the presenters who have brought us beauty and inspiration all season. Here’s to those who are currently hard at work to bring us those last few weeks of incredible projects before the energy shifts. The imperative is pretty simple: share the love in some way, whether it’s buying a ticket, reposting an event, telling a friend, or just giving a hard-working artist some kind words. Keep the ball rolling, all the way through June. Reveling in what we do is the best reward.

Check out this week’s issue of Next7 to see the events we’re looking forward to this week.

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