Benefits of schmoozing with the Listers

What have you done for your career lately?

Almost any professional field will include plenty of discussion of networking, and according to LinkedIn, 80% of professionals believe networking is essential to a strong career, and nearly all surveyed favor face-to-face meetings for building stronger, long-term relationships. Working in the arts, most of us are perpetually job-hunting and often get our best opportunities based on our relationships, so it’s even more important for us, and while many of us may have become homebodies during shutdown, we need to make sure we’re venturing out on a fairly regular basis… beyond the gig schedule.

This, in short, is why we host “schmoozes” via Lauri’s List. They’re not fancy, but these opportunities to break bread together serve an essential and wildly dynamic purpose. We cannot claim that these are clinically tested, but here’s what we’ve seen after various List events over the years:

A sense of connection

A small adjustment in mindset can help you feel less alone in your work, and more prepared for every new opportunity.

Surprising opportunities

Over the years, we’ve seen schmoozers connect with jobs, find leads they weren’t expecting, build collaborative relationships and more… right before our eyes. You just never know who you’ll meet who’s been looking for you, too.

Partner energy

There’s power in collaborative, supportive conversation, and even if a project doesn’t work out, the inspiration you can draw from the conversation itself can boost creativity and propel you further toward your goals.

Creative spark

Sharing ideas isn’t just about give and take. It’s alchemy, and can create synergistic ideas that wouldn’t have happened sitting alone in your room. Sometimes, two heads (or ten) really are better than one!

Improved polish, communication and social skills

Building your professionalism is like any other skillset. Practice is key! If you feel any kind of anxiety about talking to colleagues, showing up is the best thing you can do to make those scenarios more familiar. Over time, you’ll feel better about every event.

Stronger relationships

Finding your artistic soulmates, or even just some new buddies, means putting yourself out there and spending time with the people who share your interests and vision. If this sounds a lot like dating, that’s no accident: all kinds of relationships need nurturing!

Listening practice

This is something that really does benefit from practice: the art of really hearing your colleagues as they talk about their work. What makes them tick? Where are the creative throughlines from their work to your creative soul? Who do you know who would love to see, hear, support or get involved in their work? Sitting back and practicing active listening can reveal so much that it can be your new superpower, and it works like a muscle: you just have to work it out to build it up!

Wanna test our theories? Come to our schmooze on Monday, March 13 in Pasadena.

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